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Drink tea and save tea! The most complete knowledge
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Drink tea and save tea! Most complete knowledge

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Many friends after buying a tea

Didn't care much

After a few months

I found it so delicious when I did n’t buy it

I finally found that it was not stored well and tasted bad

Tea has moisture absorption and strong adsorption

Easily absorb moisture and odor in the air

If the storage method is slightly inappropriate

You lose flavor in a short period of time

Why does tea deteriorate?

Generally, after the tea is stored, the aroma and taste will change. If it is exposed to high temperature, high humidity and sunlight at the same time, it will accelerate the change of the constituents in the tea and cause the tea to deteriorate in a short time. Especially the green tea that is newly picked every year should be properly preserved.

The main factors causing tea deterioration are:

First, light;

Second, temperature;

Third, the moisture content of tea;

Fourth, air humidity;

Five, oxygen;

Six, microorganisms;

Seven, odor pollution;

Among them, the deterioration caused by microorganisms is limited by factors such as temperature, moisture, and oxygen, and the odor pollution is related to the storage environment.

The storage key of tea is to prevent pressure, moisture, seal, light, and odor.

Tea conventional storage container

Generally speaking, tin cans, jars, and colored glass bottles are the best containers for storing tea.

Secondly, iron cans, wooden boxes, bamboo boxes, etc. should be used, among which bamboo boxes should not be used in the dry north.

Plastic bags and cartons are the worst.

Many tea estates choose clay pots made of purple sand, wrap the tea leaves with thin-film paper, seal them after closing the lid, and store them in this way.

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