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Ya'an's Famous Mountain Area

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[Explanation] From March 27th to 28th, the 13th Mengding Mountain Tea Culture Tourism Festival and the first Mengding Mountain Zen Tea Conference were held in Mingshan District, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province.

At the tourism festival, there were a lot of artistic performances, which made the audience intoxicated. The Mengshan tea market is not lonely either. Buying and selling tea are surrounded by magical oriental leaves.

Mengding Mountain in the famous mountains is the earliest place where there is written record of artificial tea growing. In recent years, Mingshan has vigorously developed the tea industry based on tradition.

Cao Bangsheng is a native of Xinyang, Henan. He came to Mingshan 7 years ago to plant and sell tea, and the tea sold by his hands each year reached 70,000 kg.

[Same Period ] Tea Salesman Cao Bangsheng

Look at the early leaves of the early tea, tender, whitish, is the early tea. The leaves of the late tea are blushing and green, which is the late tea. Now this is Mingqian tea, early tea, whitish, the soup color is powder, the taste is soft, and the taste is particularly good. In the late-stage tea, the tea before Qingming had different tastes, astringency and bitterness. The aftertaste of this drink is sweet and sweet. (Reporter: In addition to using this method, how do we judge the quality of tea?) Now you can grab a hand (tea) to see how complete it is. The first one of high-grade tea must be good and complete. If the degree is not good, it can't be called high-grade tea. All impurities and empty pieces must be screened out.

[Explanation] At the same time, the famous mountainous areas also make full use of the ecological advantages of tea gardens, transforming the tea gardens into parks, creating the Mengdingshan National Tea Park, promoting the integration of tea and tourism, and increasing the variety of tea farmers, and participating in the production and sales of tea , Agricultural experience, family farms, ecological tea industry, cultural tourism, and other ways to generate wealth.

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