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High-end business gift souvenir gift Jingdezhen hand-painted ceramic tea set Kung Fu tea set cup pot set

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Brand: Heyuan Ceramics
specification: complete
Origin: Jingdezhen, Jiangxi
package: Gift box
unit price: Negotiable
Order: 1 set
Total Supply: 100 sets
Delivery period: 天内发货 Shipped within 3 days from buyer's payment
location: Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province
Valid until: long term effective
latest update: 2019-05-22 11:41
Views: 12260
Basic company information
Product details
合元 陶瓷专业定做高档手绘茶具礼品,采用景德镇高岭土优质釉料经过1380 度高温烧制;传统工艺制作,工艺精湛华丽的造型,静静的绽放文化的内涵。 High-end business gift souvenirs, Jingdezhen hand-painted ceramic tea set, Kung Fu tea set, cup and pot set, Jingdezhen Heyuan Ceramics specializing in custom-made high-end hand-painted tea set gifts, made of Jingdezhen kaolin high-quality glaze after high-temperature firing at 1380 degrees; traditional craftsmanship, exquisite and gorgeous shape , Quietly blooming cultural connotation. High-end hand-painted tea set gifts with traditional patterns, clear lines and bright colors, exquisite gold painting techniques, and embellished pens. High-end hand-painted tea set gifts at the bottom of the logo "Jingdezhen", authentic Jingdezhen porcelain! High-end hand-painted tea sets and gifts can be customized, and the picture patterns are various and different.

Jingdezhen Heyuan Ceramics Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of customized ceramic tea sets, gift tea sets, wholesale tea sets, customized tea sets, blue and white porcelain tea sets, pastel ceramic tea sets, Chinese red ceramic tea sets, various sets of ceramic tea sets.

Ceramic tea set use: bank gift, insurance gift, conference gift, school gift, advertising promotion gift, wedding gift, birthday gift, business gift, customer gift, leadership gift, comrade gift, year-end welfare gift, opening gift, celebration gift, anniversary Memorial gifts and more.

Our factory can burn company name, corporate logo , commemorative ect. On ceramic tea set according to customer requirements , which is the best choice for special gifts.

Jingdezhen Heyuan Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a modern ceramic factory integrating scientific research and development, product design, molding, firing, packaging and sales. It adheres to the sales model of manufacturers to customers, reduces intermediate circulation links, and provides high-quality product quality and benefits. The price of our products has won the trust of our customers.

Contact: Li Min

Phone: 137 6791 2831 (WeChat)

Contact QQ: 230 990 1749

Our factory solemnly promises: take the product quality as the purpose, take the customer's interests as the first priority, and the shipping damage is the responsibility of our factory, and can be customized for delivery throughout the country.

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