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Who wins the annual championship? | "Lion Brand Cup" Ping Xing Tea Artists Sixth National Selection Competition · Annual Finals Winners!

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Pian Xing Tea Artist, Endorsing Chinese Tea

21 Divisions

More than 40 professional events

100+ tea industry expert judges guidance

4000+ government associations, tea city tea enterprises join hands

1000+ contestants enthusiastically sign up

The most radiant, largest, and highly professional

Chinese tea arts feast

Finally, shock came!

figure 1

On December 14th, the "Lion Brand Cup" Ping Xing Tea Artist's Sixth National Selection Contest · Annual Finals came to a successful conclusion! After a year of travel, across the country, 19 outstanding players in the major divisions have gone through sea elections, division preliminarys, division finals, and study tours. They finally gathered at the 2019 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair to claim the title of "Annual Champion" Give the final shock!

The competition attracted many visitors to stop and watch. At the scene, the flow of people was woven, the tea was full of applause, and the applause continued. The audience also took out their mobile phones to capture the exciting moments for the contestants.

After five sessions of precipitation, the 6th National Selection Competition has always ensured fairness, professionalism, and authority, and invited Ms. Zhou Zhixiu, director of the Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, director of the tea industry vocational skills training center, and researcher, Yunnan Agricultural University Mr. Shao Wanfang, former dean and second-level professor of Pu'er Tea College, Honorary Dean of Pu'er Tea College of Western Yunnan University of Applied Sciences, chief researcher and second-level professor of Jiangxi Academy of Social Sciences, Mr. Yu Yue, the leader of key disciplines in Chinese tea culture Ms. Wang Qiong, founder of Hejing Tea Academy, Mr. Schumann, Executive Director of the China International Tea Culture Research Association, Mr. Cao Fanrong, Deputy Dean of the College of Horticulture, South China Agricultural University, Director of the Tea Science Institute, and Director of Tea Science Mr. Lin Zhi, the director of the Tea Culture Teaching Material Editorial Committee of China's colleges and universities, the editor-in-chief of China Tea Art, China Tea Ceremony, and the instructor of Xi'an Liuru Tea Art Training Center.

Xiang Fei, Vice President of Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Group, Yan Xin, Deputy Curator of China Tea Museum, and Yu Weiyong, Chairman and General Manager of Hangzhou Shifeng Tea Co., Ltd. attended the competition and delivered speeches.

The contest invited Yu Xingqian, the champion of the 5th National Selection Competition Annual Finals, and Wen Jie, the champion of the Shenzhen Division of the 4th National Selection Competition.

The current national selection contest is based on the purpose of "promoting the spirit of Chinese tea ceremony, showing the beauty of Chinese tea art, and strengthening the confidence of Chinese culture". Tea, like tea culture, and at the same time link more tea events, promote the economic development of tea culture, tea tourism, tea producing areas, the tea industry, and polish the card of Chinese culture.

Before the game, Teacher Zhou Zhixiu read out the rules of the game. Subsequently, Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Co., Ltd. specially issued a letter of appointment and an honorary certificate to thank the judges for their hard work and guidance for their tireless guidance.

figure 2

(Vice President of Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Group issued a certificate to the judges)

The contestants of this year's contest demonstrated tea and tea art aesthetics through tea seat space aesthetic design, tea culture theme elaboration, talent display, tea art brewing performance, etc., and compared tea brewing technology and art.

19 regions across the country

Player style

Hou Qin Theme of Hubei Division: Palm

Wei Jiayi, Shanxi Division Theme: Hold on

Huang Xingbing, Yunnan Division

Theme: Mr. Tea and Beauty Life

Li Yao, Jiangsu Division

Theme: Yuhuaqing

Asean Li Qiuyi

Theme: The Mother of Tea

Liu Wang

Theme: Life is a journey

Changchun Division Du Jiaxin

Subject: Master Yin Yin

Ma Wenxin from Jinan Division

Theme: Pursuit

Chen Xuyao, Chongqing Division

Theme: Rock bone floral fragrance, daughter Lang

Liu Dongli from Henan

Theme: Good Heritage

Lian Yuequn

Topic: Foreign Trade Situation

Bao Chunli, Inner Mongolia

Theme: Father's Prairie, Mother's Tea

ASEAN Division-Liuzhou City Vocational College International Student (Foreign) AQ Salman

Theme: Tianxiang Silk Road Jinyun

Guo Chengzhang of Macau

Theme: Five Elements Tea

Ji Weiyan from Guangdong

Theme: Tea is full of fragrance

Yang Lijuan

Theme: Gratitude, Civilization forever

Dong Jinhong, Qingdao Division

Subject: Mo Li

Chen Shengnan, Shenyang Division

Theme: Ingenious Tea

He Mini

Theme: Tea is the national drink, a thousand-year heritage

A tea table, a set of tea sets, tea art masters show their beauty in tea art. The ear melody sounded, as if in the tea garden, adding a tea taste.

Highlight moment

Awards ceremony

After several hours of fierce competition, No. 15 player Ji Weiyan won the annual championship, No. 9 player Chen Xuyao, No. 6 player Liu Wang won the second runner-up, and No. 18 player Chen Shengnan won the third runner-up.

Prior to the awards, teachers Yu Yue and Lin Zhi commented on the competition. They first expressed their gratitude and encouragement to Hua Juchen for holding such a large-scale national star competition for tea star artists. Secondly, comment on the performance of the players from the tea culture, the layout of the tea seats of the contestants, and the details of the tea art performances, to guide and unravel the contestants.

Winners list

Champion of the Year Ji Weiyan

Chen Xuyao and Liu Wang

Chen Shengnan

Chinese Tea International Communication Ambassador of the Year AQ Salman

Charm of the Year: Yang Lijuan

Annual Innovation Award: Hou Qin

Annual Manner of the Year

Popularity Award of the Year

Annual City Awards Wei Jiayi, Huang Xingbing, Li Yao, Li Qiuyi, Du Jiaxin, Liu Dongli, Lian Yuequn, Bao Chunli, Guo Chengzhang, Dong Jinhong, He Mini

image 3

(Yang Wenming, Vice President of Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Group, awarded Ji Weiyan, the winner of the year)

Figure 4

(Yu Weiyong, Chairman and General Manager of Hangzhou Shifeng Tea Co., Ltd. presented awards to Chen Xuyao and Liu Wang, runners-up of the year)

Figure 5
(Luo Leiwan, chief expert of tea of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture, awarded Chen Shengnan as the third runner-up of the year)

Figure 6
(Lin Zhi was awarded the AQ Salman for the annual Chinese Tea International Promotion Ambassador)

Figure 7
(Lin Zhi, Shao Wanfang, Yu Yue presented the awards of the annual charm, annual style award, annual innovation award Hou Qin, Ma Wenxin, Yang Lijuan)

Figure 8
(Shao Wanfang, Schumann, and Cao Fanrong presented awards to 11 annual city excellence awards, including Guo Chengzhang)

Figure 9
(Yu Weiyong, Chairman and General Manager of Hangzhou Shifeng Tea Co., Ltd. presented the Lion Brand West Lake Longjing Ambassador of Hangzhou Shifeng Tea Co., Ltd. to all players)

Show tea art, tell tea love, find tea fun, ask tea way, star tea artist, endorsement for Chinese tea! Next year, Hua Juchen will fully integrate its platform resources and continue to build a higher-specified, large-scale, and specialized Puxing Tea Master National Competition, so stay tuned! So far, the 6th National Judging Contest of Ping Xing Tea Artists has come to a successful conclusion. See you next year!


Tournament Technical Guidance Unit

Chinese Tea Society


China Tea Museum

Shenzhen Tea Culture Promotion Association

Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Co., Ltd.

Special Support Unit

Fu'an Tea Industry Administration Bureau

Pu'er Tea and Coffee Industry Bureau

Erhai County Culture, Sports Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau

Conference Cooperation Media

"It's Tea Culture" New Media

Exclusive title for the annual finals

Hangzhou Shifeng Tea Co., Ltd.

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