Focus on the global perspective and explore the future of the industry | December 12, 2019 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair grand opening!

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If ten years is a milestone, then eleventh year is a new starting point and new journey! In 2019, Huajuchen comprehensively enhanced its strategic deployment, expanded the exhibition area of the joint exhibition, and deployed the nationwide network of 23 cities and 27 exhibitions to open a new journey and new chapter for the Huajuchen Tea Fair !

Today, the 2019 China (Shenzhen) International Autumn Tea Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as: the 2019 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair) grandly opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center! The current tea expo was guided by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration, China International Tea Culture Research Association, China Tea Society, Shenzhen Tea Culture Promotion Association, Shenzhen Huajuchen Industry Co., Ltd., and received The new Cha Hao new retail, Hao Cha warehouse warehousing, Cha Yue World, Cha Yue full media support!

This morning, the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center was crowded with tea people and tea friends from all over the world to gather for a grand event.

The current Tea Expo will last until December 16 for 5 days. During the exhibition, the on-site visitors can register at the registration office, fill in the information, and generate a certificate to enter the venue; you can also scan the code at the exhibition site to follow the "Shenzhen Tea Expo" public account, click the link to fill in the information and get an electronic ticket.

Ending feast, shocking opening

This afternoon, the 2019 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center North Square!

China International Tea Culture Research Association, Chinese Culture Promotion Association, Cross-Straits Tea Industry Exchange Association, China Tea Association, Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Yunnan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Special Representative of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China in Shenzhen Office, Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration, Shenzhen Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, Shenzhen State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Chaozhou People's Government, Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in Guangzhou, China Arts and Crafts Association, Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Group, Lincang People's Political Consultative Conference of Yunnan Province, Fu'an Municipal Government, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports of Bao'an District, Shenzhen Chaoshan Chamber of Commerce, Qingdao Municipal Government, Zhejiang Provincial Revolutionary Development Zone Development and Construction Promotion Association, Nanping Municipal Government, Erhai County Government , Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Shenzhen Newspaper Group, Vietnam Tea Association, Myanmar Tea Association, American Tea Association, Korean "tea and culture" media, Hong Kong Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Fuding Tea Industry Development Leading Group, Raoping County People's Government, Guangdong Tea Culture Promotion Association, Laifeng People's Government, China Agricultural Museum, Fu'an Tea Industry Administration, Yuqing County Government, Yunnan Province Tea Circulation Association, Shenzhen Commercial Office of the Canadian Consulate in Guangzhou, British-Chinese Trade Association, India TATA Group, Cross-Straits Tea Industry Exchange Association, Chaozhou Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau, Huangshan Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau, Hunan Daxiangxi Tea Industry Development Promotion Association, Liaoning Province Tea Industry Association, Shanghai Tea Society, Wuhan Luyu Tea Culture Research Association, Beijing Tea Trade Center, Shenzhen Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cultural Center The leaders of the government and association attended the opening ceremony.

The president of Shenzhen Tea Culture Promotion Association, the president of Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Group, Yang Wenbiao, the chairman of Chinese Culture Promotion Association, Wang Shi, the chairman of China International Tea Culture Research Association, Zhou Guofu, and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chen Zongxi, addressed the stage and came from afar. Guests at home and abroad, tea companies, tea people, media friends expressed a warm welcome.

Subsequently, Vice-President Feng Tong, Academician Chen Zongxi, Chairman Zhou Guofu, Chairman Wang Shi, and President Yang Wenbiao put together for the opening ceremony of the 2019 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair.

Finally, academicians, experts, scholars and guests of the Academy of Engineering who participated in the opening ceremony, led by President Yang Wenbiao, visited and inspected the 2019 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair.

Three academicians report on the same stage to help the development of the tea industry

On December 9, the 2019 China Tea Industry Science and Technology Annual Conference hosted by the Chinese Tea Society and sponsored by Shenzhen Tea Culture Promotion Association and Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Shenzhen Pingshan Yanzi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center.

At the annual meeting, Academician Wang Hanzhong, Academician Chen Zongxi and Academician Liu Zhonghua made wonderful reports from their respective fields. They have academic heights and are close to the industry's reality, conveying the theme of this year ’s annual conference “Science and Technology to Support the High-quality Development of the Tea Industry” .

This annual conference is divided into two tea science and technology sub-venues and one tea economy sub-venue. Each event is full of dry goods, injecting new technology into the traditional tea industry and promoting new development of the industry!

Gathering famous tea wares, forging the national tea aesthetics event

After 11 years, Shenzhen Tea Fair has developed into the world's first BPA-certified tea show, a 4A-level tea show certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the world's largest and most influential professional tea show.

The 2019 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair is the largest in the history and the largest number of exhibitors. The exhibition area of this tea expo is up to 100,000 square meters, with 4,700 international standard booths, covering Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Halls 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and more than 1,800 leading brands at home and abroad. The company came to the exhibition, and the exhibits included Pu'er tea , six major teas, recycled tea, tea, tea service, international fine tea ware, incense ware, flower ware, purple sand, ceramics, agarwood crafts, agarwood products, cultural supplies, art works, tea sets Tea industry products such as handicrafts, tea furniture, mahogany, tea machinery, and tea packaging design.

Zhejiang Pavilion, Chaozhou Pavilion, Zunyi Pavilion, Rizhao Pavilion, Fuding Pavilion, Fu'an Pavilion, Wuyishan Pavilion, Liuzhou Pavilion, Raoping County Pavilion, Zijin County Pavilion, Yuqing County Pavilion, Sanjiang County Pavilion, Laifeng County Pavilion, Hunan Daxiangxi Tea Industry Development Promotion Exhibition Complex, Yunnan Tea Distribution Association Pavilion, Jingdezhen Pavilion, Longquan Pavilion, Jianshui Purple Pottery Pavilion, Tongguan Kiln Pavilion Government delegations from over 20 famous tea-producing areas, including the Jingdezhen Ceramic University Pavilion, brought high-quality good tea and exquisite tea ware from the originating areas to the scene.

There are also Pu'er tea companies such as Dayi, Yunnan Zhongcha, Yulin Ancient Tea House, Lancang Ancient Tea, Chensheng, Xikurong, Jindaifu, Longyuan, Shujian, Zhongji, and Shanhuahuaran; Tea, Zhejiang Tea Group, Hunan Tea Group, Huanpai, Zhengde and other green tea companies; white tea companies such as Pinpin, Green Snow Bud, Dingbai, China Tea Butterfly, Longhe, Yungen, etc .; Baishaxi, China Tea Anhua Black tea companies such as No.1 Tea Factory, Xiangyi, Zhongcha Liubao, Sanhe, Weiwei Tea , Ya'an Tea Factory; black tea companies such as Zhengshantang, Tianzhihong, Runsi, Jiqingli, etc .; Wuyi Star, Xi Green tea companies such as melon and Song Huang; yellow tea companies such as Zijiu Pingyang Huangtang and Tianrun Huangtang; orange tea companies such as Qiaobao, Yunding, No.1 Citrus Pu; tea companies such as 婺, Rose Century, etc. Yue, Changtai, old comrades, tea picking shops, Baozhen and other old tea companies gathered together and made a wonderful appearance.

In addition, there are 260 purple sand artists such as Fanjiahuzhuang, Longdetang, Zixiangge, Shu Workshop, Jundetang, Gewushanfang, Centennial Danhong, Jinzao, Hengfu, Zhenbaotang, Endless Dengzhai, Tea service enterprises such as Fuji Space, Yiertang, Zhu Bingren, Yinchuantang, Lu Yi, and tea service enterprises such as Fuyuntang, Hemu, Nianxin, and Ginger displayed their masterpieces at the booth, attracting a group of people who love tea appliances Tea friends came to play.

It is worth mentioning that international companies such as Myanmar Tea Association, Kathmandu Tea in Nepal, Selenium-rich Tea in Kenya, Elephant Lion in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Japanese Treasure Hall, Jinzamba, Laos, South Hall in South Korea, etc. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan companies such as Tianxia, Luyan, Saidek, and Guanshanshui, as well as tea packaging machinery companies such as Yitong, Daliguang, Chengfei and Wood Oriental, added a unique scenery to the exhibition.

Tea, unknowingly, makes life better and the world a better place. In order to discover more tea aesthetic products and meet people's growing tea life aesthetic needs, this year's tea fair also set up a concurrent exhibition-Shenzhen 2019 The International Tea Ware and Life Aesthetics Exhibition focuses on tea aesthetic products such as tea ware, tea space, tea furniture, etc., and creates an aesthetic event for the participating citizens! At the exhibition, tea friends went to the tea space display area to take photos and punch cards to experience the beauty of tea.

Focus on global vision and create an international festival

As a leading company in the tea industry, Huajuchen has operations in 69 well-known tea producing areas across the country, has a million database of tea industry covering the entire industry chain, and has established a resource system covering the entire tea industry chain.

This year's Tea Fair gathered 18 countries, including Japanese tea makers, Korean tea makers, Burmese tea, Vietnamese tea, Pakistani handicrafts, Kenya tea and other international governments and associations to participate in the exhibition, as well as Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Nepal, Branded tea companies and tea masters from Russia, the United States, Singapore and other countries and regions presented an international feast for tea friends and demonstrated the powerful appeal and radiant power of the Huajuchen Tea Fair as a deep cultivator of the international tea industry.

At the same time, the exhibition also attracted professional buyers from 29 countries including Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Russia, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates, and is committed to providing accurate procurement platforms for professional buyers at home and abroad.

It is reported that on the first day of development, major professional buyers and exhibitors have achieved good trade results; citizens' enthusiasm for purchasing is also very high. Miss Li and Xiaobian who came to select tea said: This is the last one of this year At the tea fair, be sure to come and pick some teas you like, and prepare some relatives and friends for the New Year.

Wonderful tea events, creating a carnival of tea culture

"Branding, marketization, professionalization, and internationalization" is the development concept that Huajuchen always adheres to. At this tea fair, Huajuchen carefully planned a series of tea products, tea utensils, tea arts , and tea spaces. Tea event. On the first day of the exhibition, a series of high-level professional tea events were staged in turn under the attention of tea friends!

2019 Chinese Tea Ceremony

Today, the Chuangye era-the first Chinese New Tea Tea Party and the 2019 Chinese Tea Ceremony successfully concluded in the Chrysanthemum Hall on the 5th floor of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center! Mei Bo, the founder of Wan Bow New Media, Liu Fang, the founder of the Boiled Leaf brand, Xia Chen, the founder of Hangzhou Yingshili Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Zhuang Jingyang, the founder of tea materials, Lin Jinlong, content operation director of Bama Tea E-commerce, and He Jiang Tong, senior partner of Jun Group, started from his own experience, explored and expanded the young market of the tea industry together, and took stock of the major events of the Chinese tea industry in 2019, and released: the top ten news events of the Chinese tea industry in 2019, and the Chinese tea industry in 2019 Recommended reading list of the top ten tea books.

"China Tea Cup" Award Ceremony of the 9th International Ding Cheng Tea King Competition

On December 9, the ninth International Tea Cup Championship of China Tea Cup was successfully held in Shenzhen Haochacang Investment Development Co., Ltd. On December 10th, Tea King was released among the many expectations, and the award ceremony was held today.

Observation of tea in the furnace

Today, activities such as "playing tea", Guixinxinxin, and tea gratefulness were successfully carried out in the tea watching and qushuiliu area of the furnace. Tea friends are in the bamboo forest, enjoying a good taste and sharing tea fun! In the next 4 days, there will be more than 10 exciting activities in the tea watching area and Qushui Liuying District.

In the next 4 days, the 2019 International Fashion Tea Ware Forum, the 2019 “Belt and Road” International Tea Industry Cooperation Summit Forum, the 3rd Chinese Tea Education Forum, the “137 Zero” Brand Chinese Tea Ceremony Guinness World Records-Thousands of Songs Order Tea Conference, the 6th National Jury of the Star Tea Artists, the annual finals, inheritance and integration-the finals of the 2nd International "Gongfu Tea" brewing contest, the 6th China Pu'er Tea (Warehouse) Industry Development Forum, China Tea House Industry summit and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area star teahouse awarding ceremony, the second International Gongfu Tea Forum-family-based consumption and cultural popularization, "Jianghulun Tea" National Puer Tasting Competition Finals and Award Ceremony, The international "Tea and Building" (eighth) space contest forum will be staged in turn, so stay tuned!

The Shenzhen Tea Fair has become the world's largest professional tea exhibition, and it has also become a weather vane that indicates the annual tea industry development trend. At this year's Shenzhen Tea Fair, Hua Juchen focuses on the effectiveness of the company's participation, and fully protects the service quality of the exhibition, creating a more branded, market-oriented, professional, and international industry benchmarking exhibition!

There are 4 days left in the exhibition. Welcome to visit the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center for tea tasting, tea makers and tea viewing culture! Welcome tea merchants from all over the world to come and visit us!


Instructors: Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration, China International Tea Culture Research Association, China Tea Association

Organizers: Shenzhen Tea Culture Promotion Association, Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Co., Ltd.

Co-organizers: New Chacang New Retail, Good Chacang Storage, Tea Reading World, Tea Reading Media

Special thanks

Appointed tasting tea: Zhengde (Guizhou Seven Tea Tea Industry Co., Ltd.), Yibo Tea Factory (Yunnan Shuangjiang Yibo Hand-made Tea Factory)

Puer tea designated by the conference: Yunmen Tiancheng (Shenzhen Yunmen Tea Co., Ltd.)

Designated white tea: Sanquan white tea (Fujian Lianfeng Tea Industry Co., Ltd.)

Conference Strategic Cooperation Bank: Bank of Communications

Cooperative Banks: Guangfa Bank & China Life, China CITIC Bank, Ping An Bank

Conference cooperation logistics service provider: SF Express

Water for cooperation: Ganquan Qingquan

Conference cooperation medical and health service providers: Aikang Guobin

Recommended car platform: the best travel

Conference Partner Training Institution: Wall Street English

Cooperative media for the conference: Chayue All Media, Douyin, Sina Leju, and Date App

Conference partners: Baoan Daxing Benz, 58 City & Anjuke, Street Electric, Master Kong, Yidianyike, Liu Laogen City Theater, Mata Yanshan

International cooperation units: Japan Association of Modern Arts and Crafts, Saga Ceramics Association, Saga Art Association, International Tea Drinkers Association, Myanmar Tea Association, Vietnam Tea Association, Italian Tea and Drinks Association, British Tea Union, French Ministry of Agriculture AVPV Tea Judging Centre, Australian Tea Association, Kenyan Tea and Purple Tea Association, Hong Kong Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Argentina Tea Culture Association

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