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"Sell tea please, please" at Shenzhen Tea Expo 2019! Haochacang large coffee lecture hall gathers "rock powder" in the city

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At the end of the year, there was a tea party gathering, and tea tasting was carried out to celebrate Pengcheng. The 2019 China (Shenzhen) International Autumn Tea Industry Expo was held in full swing at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, bringing new trends in industry development and breakthroughs in business bottlenecks to tea nationwide. On December 16th, the 2019 Shenzhen Tea Fair ended with a magnificent curtain, and the knowledge and style left by the tea industry cafes at the good tea warehouse booth still lingering and memorable.

Tea guests please be in place: Rock tea review skills and rating standards

On December 13 ~ 14, the second batch of representative successors of Wuyi Rock Tea ( Dahongpao ) production skills, Liu Dexi, and Wu Yishan tea expert library review expert Zhou Zeyou opened the "Teacher Please Come In" at T120 Good Tea Warehouse Booth The five-star review method of Yanyan Tea's on-site teaching activities, the forecasters and the audience at the Tea Fair were all present to learn about the tea tasting points and rating standards.

Photo courtesy of Tea Culture

According to experts, the review points of rock tea mainly include "fragrant, fire, soup, moisturizing, and rhyme". They analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a rock tea from the perspectives of flavor, aroma, taste of tea soup, roasting, and aftertaste. Fire and rhyme are the distinguishing characteristics of rock tea from other teas. It can be discerned whether the rock tea is superior in raw materials, contained substances and production skills.

Photo courtesy of Tea Culture

Among the various teas, rock tea is the one with the most complicated production skills, the most obvious mountain influence, and the relatively large price span, which has led consumers to often question the price and quality: how to ensure that the tea purchased is really worth this Price? Is it really only through the "experts and masters" on the packaging?

Haochacang's series of professional science activities for evangelism, occupation, and confusion have been recognized and praised by the on-site tea visitors. As long as you master the standards and principles of the five-star scoring method, you can return to your own rock tea without expert guidance. Break high or low.

Group photo of Mr. Dexi Liu with outstanding students

Non-legacy big coffee sharing meeting: How is the standard taste formed?

On December 15, Teacher Liu Guoying, the first batch of national non-material culture Wuyi Rock Tea (Dahongpao) production craftsman, came to the scene and was invited to hold the "Wuyi Rock Tea Features and Tastings" in the booth area of the good tea warehouse. Method "special sharing session, had a friendly interaction and communication with super members and franchisees of Haochacang platform, from the source to tell the history and significant characteristics of Wuyiyan tea, and the brewing methods that affect its aroma and taste are also Correct explanations were conducted at the scene to help the tea friends present to fully understand rock tea and learn to make rock tea and tasting rock tea.

During the sharing session, Mr. Liu talked about the 3rd Wuyi Rock Tea Quality Commodity Tea Competition, which was just concluded, and stated on the spot: "The purpose of the Quality Tea Competition is to make rock tea close to the people. , Let people taste the standard rock tea flavor certified by rock tea experts at a real price. "

Everyone has their own psychological position on tea. For the mass consumers, they do not have a scale to measure the so-called "old tea", "rare tea" and even "tea king". There is no standardized procedure to apply. When consumers lack the ability to discern tea products, their judgment criterion is the tongues of non-heritage experts and tea appraisers certified by the state. The teas that they nod and approve do not necessarily represent high prices, but the quality and the basic characteristics of tea must not be ordinary. . Therefore, experts and most consumers like it, which is probably the so-called standard taste of tea.

Good Tea Warehouse 2020: Promote Quality Chinese Tea to the Whole Country

The pace of 2020 is approaching, and every tea maker from the end of the year-end tea fair is full. As of December 16th, Haochacang platform franchisees have accumulated 500+, 28 customers signed on-site at the Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair, and a total of 135,790 transaction users have been browsed by the “Good Tea Choice” applet. New Haocang Pingshan, Baoan The Yancha Culture Experience Center has more than 40 national branding theme tea parties, opening up the territory of Lhasa, Inner Mongolia, Urumqi and other cities, and adding 6 non-heritage masters to the upstream supply side.

According to Mr. Ye Musu, the general manager of the new retail of Haochacang, Haochacang will continue to implement the concept of "standard taste and fair price" in 2020, and cooperate with more tea experts to evaluate tea and selection products. Under the command, continue to gain insights into the industry and deep-till technology, and continue to select upstream companies and products that integrate resource advantages, technical advantages, and business concept advantages. Through tea fairs, brand chain stores and small program online malls, we will jointly create a never ending The Tea Fair strives to carry forward the historical heritage of Chinese tea and the spirit of craftsmanship of non-heritage masters, to become a practitioner of green water and green mountains to gold mountains and silver mountains, and to become an ambassador for the promotion of Chinese tea culture.

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