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Kaihua Longding appeared at Zhejiang Green Tea (Shenzhen) Expo 2019

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On the morning of December 12, after the opening of Zhejiang Green Tea (Shenzhen) Expo 2019, the China Kaihua Dragontop Brand Promotion Conference hosted by the Kaihua County People's Government was held. At the recommendation meeting, the tea arts show performed by Kaihua County attracted applause, and the tea "Kaihua Dragon Top" was designated to receive rave reviews.

Zhejiang Green Tea Expo is an important measure for Zhejiang Province to build the “Zhejiang Green Tea” brand, expand the domestic market and build a marketing alliance. It is also an important green tea event organized by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Since 2006, it has been held in Beijing, Nanjing, Xi'an and other big cities for 12 consecutive sessions, with a total of more than 400,000 people visiting and a total transaction volume of more than 800 million yuan, which has attracted widespread attention from the tea industry across the country and has become an effective tea industry in Zhejiang. An important way to dock the market.

In order to actively respond to the idea of “tea for national drink” proposed by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, carry forward the “harmonious” spirit of tea culture , further increase the promotion effect of Kaihua Longding, enhance the brand influence and reputation of Kaihua Longding, and make solid progress Kaihua's tea industry has developed with high quality. Kaihua County specially organized tea enterprise representatives to participate in this " Tea Expo ".

"Making tea for guests, this is the millennium." After the female soloist "Send You a Money Jiangyuan", Fang Ming, the deputy head of Kaihua County, became a referee and introduced the tea industry experts and other guests to the Kaihua Dragontop and Kaihua The unique charm of the county: "'Qianjiang source water, Kaihua Longding Tea', Kaihua is located at the source of the Qiantang River, the mother river in Zhejiang Province, and is a hot land for beautiful economic development. Wide, won the top 20 counties in Zhejiang Province with investment potential potential ... We keep in mind the general secretary Xi Kai's long-awaited nationally-known `` Tea Growing Promising Tea '', and carry out organic certification across the region to create the nation's best green tea, Longding The value of the tea brand is 2.516 billion yuan, with an annual output value exceeding 800 million yuan. "

Inside the venue, elegant music, fragrant fragrant tea, guests drank, watched the Kaihua Dragontop promotional video, listened to Kaihua's good story, and laughed and shrouded the entire tea party hall. Outside the venue, four tea companies, including Famous Tea Development, Yuncui Tea, Yilongfang, and Yixiao, exhibited and exhibited. The tea fragrance attracted many guests to stop for exchanges and praise.

"In the sights of the southern country, Pengcheng Tea Bomu Spring breeze. In all directions, the stags in Chungchong are suddenly red." The theme of this year's tea expo is "Zhejiang Green Tea's Conduct in the World", and the whole tea party will continue until December 16. As of the opening day on the 12th, Kaihua County's recommendation, display and marketing activities have received nearly 10,000 guests from all over the world.

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