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The 2019 Shenzhen Tea Expo is fiercely opened. Good tea warehouse 2.0 makes the audience shout "OMG"

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On December 12, the opening day of the 2019 China (Shenzhen) International Autumn Tea Industry Expo hosted by Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Co., Ltd., the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center attracted more than 10,000 tea people from home and abroad. This year's Shenzhen Tea Expo The conference invited more overseas merchants to raise the level of internationalization and presented the world with a brand new look of prosperity for the Chinese tea industry.


Among the 4,700 booths exhibited this time , the good tea warehouse located at T120 in Hall 1 became the focus of the venue with an innovative new retail 2.0 model. The booth was rich in elements and the site continued to flow.


OMG! This booth is so lively!

Walk along the main aisle of Hall No. 1 to the special booth area, and the black door of the Haochacang booth is striking. People are here to talk and talk. There is a wide range of teas, tea utensils and refreshments, as well as innovative live events and online interactions to attract audiences to participate. The T120 has ushered in the peak flow of people on the first day.



泰、 大益 陈升 号、 中茶 下关 福海), 乌龙茶 (千庭、青狮岩、茗川世府、潮乡), 红茶 (金帆), 绿茶 (峨眉雪芽、百鸟峥茗、府燕尔、云升、三江绿茶),柑普(森晒)、 白茶 (老钟家)、好茶仓全品类定制茶及茶器具(三德瓷)与茶点(花见拾乐、益泡柑)在内的丰富产品,不仅品类多,而且从自饮到送礼的档次及价格区间也很齐全,足以满足消费者的全场景用茶需求。 After careful inventory, we found on the scene that black tea (Mao Sheng), Pu'er (Changtai , Dayi , Chen Shenghao , Zhongcha , Shimonoseki , Fuhai), oolong tea (Qianting, Qingshiyan, Xichuan World) House, Chaoxiang), Black Tea (Jinfan), Green Tea (Emei Snow Bud, Baibirdiao, Fuyaner, Yunsheng, Sanjiang Green Tea), Citrus Pu (Senzao), White Tea (Lao Zhongjia), Haochacang A full range of rich products including customized tea and tea utensils (Sande porcelain) and refreshments (Hanami Shiraku, Yipao mandarin), not only have a wide range of products, but also have a complete range of grades and prices from self-drinking to gifts. Meet consumer demand for tea in all scenarios.


The 3rd Wuyi Rock Tea Quality Commodity Tea Competition


In addition to sweepstakes and promotions, the party building area, which is rare to see throughout the museum, has a red theme at T120. Do n’t forget your original intention and move forward—Hua Juchen and Haochacang ’s "Union Studies" The results of the “Joint Construction” activity, which helped to promote the rural revitalization of the tea-producing areas, are here at a glance. After passing the Huajuchen Party Branch, the Shenzhen Border Inspection and Poverty Alleviation Office Temporary Party Branch, the Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County Agriculture and Rural Bureau Party Branch, and the Sichuan World House The cooperation of the Party branch, including the famous teas in Sanjiang County and Wuchuan Mountain Chuanfu House Cooperative, are neatly displayed, so that every audience can participate in the party's rural revitalization strategy, and the party's leadership is also destined The price of a good tea warehouse platform must be as fair as its slogan.


Haochacang & Jingchuan Shifu Strategic Cooperation Awarding Ceremony

OMG! Joining can also play like this!


According to Mr. Ye Musu, the general manager of Haochacang, Haochacang recruited eight franchisees from the opening scene , most of them chose the mini franchise form. The so-called mini counter is an on-demand on-demand retail area formed by a counter and a shelf commonly found in shopping malls. This is the joining option with the lowest threshold for a good tea warehouse. It is also a favorite for many cross-industry operators. Choice of shop category.


Ms. Fang (pseudonym) at the scene said that after the trial drinking and understanding of the platform selection process, she saw that Haochacang invited the first batch of national non-material culture Wuyi Rock Tea ( Dahongpao ) production technology inheritors Liu Guoying, Representative representatives of the second batch of Wuyi rock tea (Dahongpao) production techniques Liu Dexi, Zhou Yiyou, a review expert of Wuyishan Tea Expert Library, and other rock tea masters popularized rock tea expertise with consumers on site and felt the good tea warehouse. From the supply chain, pricing to consumer service, they are very attentive, giving cross-industry practitioners confidence in entering the tea industry.

OMG! Drinking tea is easier for young!


Visitors queue to participate in the booth lottery

Compared to traditional tea shops, the good youth and Internet sense of Haochacang are refreshing, and the new retail model is relatively clear. From the source of the product, we will jointly select, supervise, and taste with the master of the production area, control the source supply chain, and provide cost-effective products, training, drainage, and shared guest room services in online malls and offline chain stores, and finally let store members consume. Participants participate in the process of tea travel training, interactive interviews, and participation in the review / selection process to conduct a virtuous cycle of online and offline between closed-loop transactions, so that consumers can not only drink good tea, but also understand good tea.


General Manager Ye Hasu

Mr. Ye Musu, the general manager of Haochacang, introduced that the overall image of this exhibition is the upgraded version 2.0 of Haochacang's new retail . From the strict selection of the supply chain to the store drainage upgrade service to the promotion of brand products at the consumer end, it is all about Together with the master and the government guidance unit, we have completed the creation of the "standard flavor" of tea products, so that consumers can taste high-quality Chinese tea at an appropriate price.


From December 12th to 16th, Haochacang will hold a number of rock tea master review teachings and rock tea bucket tea competitions among tea friends, participate in the "OMG" of the WeChat mini program "Good Tea Choice", all tea guests, Scan it! "Raffle, you can win up to Huawei Mate30! Interested citizens can go to booth T120 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center to participate.
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