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Milestone of Tile Tea

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(In the 1990s, "Chinese Tea " brand 9101 blue brick tea)

Tile brick tea is a special product in a special historical period and has a rich cultural connotation. As an old Hunan tea expert, Mr. Lin Muhua, who enjoyed the special allowance of the State Council for life, has been working on the quality upgrade of Hunan black tea for several years after his retirement. Established a complete set of upgraded quality standards for Hunan black tea. Green brick 9101, black brick 9102, and brick 9104 were successively produced. This number was designed for the export of brick tea in Hunan in 1991. At that time, its quality standard was designed for export requirements, which has greatly exceeded the national standard at that time. Because of the large number of green brick 9101 exports in 1991, it has become the benchmark symbol of Hunan green bricks, but other products cannot meet their aspirations due to conditions.

(Lin Muhua 91 series product drawings)

(Brief introduction of Lin Muhua, a senior tea expert)

(Gao Ma Shan Tea Garden)

(Tea brick pattern)

(Tea brick pattern)

(Tea brick pattern)

(Tea brick pattern)

At the end of the 91 series of products, the selection of tiles 9103 is a core of the product. It must not only improve the quality level significantly, but also follow the "Three Originals" principle. The selection of materials must choose the most regional features and high quality raw material. Gaomashan is the core producing area of Anhua black tea. It has the reputation of being “Royal Tea Garden” in history. It is also the only tea plantation in Anhua that has passed EU certification. This time the quality again broke through the quality requirements of 1991, and was much higher than the national standard. It jumped out of the original three-grade wool tea's habit of using raw materials and chose the first and second grade tea. The original variety, origin, and style of the original process are preserved, together with the control of modern fermentation technology, which fully meets the highest quality requirements for drinking and storing. It is believed that the upgraded quality standards will also become a model of modern quality of Hunan black tea. (Note: This article was reviewed and authorized for publication by the Hunan Tea Association.)

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