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Gathering the essence of the world and exploring the future of the industry | Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair 2019 will be grandly opened on December 12!

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It took eleven years to create more glory!

In 2019, the Huajuchen Tea Fair has comprehensively enhanced its strategic deployment, expanded the layout of the Grand Exhibition, and deployed the nationwide network of 23 cities and 27 exhibitions. It has penetrated into Shanghai, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Mengla and other places for the first time, and cooperated with Hangzhou, Xi'an, Kunming and Jinan. , Wuyishan, Erhai, Mengla and other local people's governments have reached a consensus on cooperation and together write a new chapter in the development of Chinese tea culture and tea industry!

On December 12th, the annual feast of the tea industry-the 2019 China (Shenzhen) International Autumn Tea Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as: 2019 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair) will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center! This morning, the 2019 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Expo Organizing Committee held a press conference in Tea Reading World to report the preparations to people from all walks of life and kick off the annual closing ceremony!

figure 1

As the benchmark exhibition of the tea industry, since the preparation of this session of the Tea Expo, it has received widespread attention from people from all walks of life! Xiang Fei, Vice President of Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Group, Zhan Zili, Director of Chaozhou Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Ye Musu, Vice President of Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Group, Zhang Zhaoan, President of Baoan Sub-branch of Bank of Communications, Ye Xiaoxia, Vice President of Baoan Sub-branch of Bank of Communications, Liao Tianwen, Chairman of Shenzhen Yunmen Tea Co., Ltd .; Weng Pengcheng, a fourth-level investigator of Chaozhou Agriculture and Rural Bureau; Lin Qiulian, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Co., Ltd .; Leaders and guests including General Manager Huang Xiaofeng, Shenzhen Tea Promotion Association Chaoshan Tea Culture Research Association Chen Yongming, Shenzhen Guoyun Tea Culture Industry Co., Ltd., Lin Hui, Shenzhen Zhizhen Tea Industry Culture Co., Ltd. and other leaders and guests attended the news release meeting.

figure 2

Xiang Fei, Vice President of Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Group

image 3

Zhan Zili, Director of Chaozhou Agriculture and Rural Bureau

Figure 4

Zhang Zhaoan, President of the Bank of Communications Baoan Sub-branch

Figure 5

As the strategic cooperation bank of the Huajuchen Tea Expo, Bank of Communications Baoan Sub-branch Ye Xiaoxia said: The Bank will work with Huajuchen to provide exclusive financial services for the tea industry small and micro enterprises and individuals to help solve the tea industry small and micro enterprises It is difficult to finance expensive issues, and promote the development of Shenzhen's tea industry to a new level.

Figure 6

Liao Tianwen, Chairman of Shenzhen Yunmen Tea Co., Ltd.

The Shenzhen Tea Expo, held twice a year, has become the world's leading tea industry trading platform. The Shenzhen Tea Fair has been committed to building a tea culture exchange platform, promoting Chinese tea culture, and contributing to the growth of the Chinese tea brand, the strengthening of the Chinese tea industry, the advancement of agricultural supply-side structural reforms, and helping the tea industry to overcome poverty. .

Annual closing feast, scale hits record high again

As the world's first professional tea exhibition to pass the BPA certification of the exhibition, the current tea expo, based on inheriting ten years of successful experience, pioneers and innovates, comprehensively enhances the participation experience, upgrades the layout of the exhibition area, optimizes the structure of the exhibits, and ensures the quality of the exhibits.

It is reported that the scale of this year's exhibition has reached a new high, with a total area of 100,000 square meters. It is the largest global tea industry expo in China. The exhibition set 4,700 international standard booths, gathering more than 1,800 brand companies at home and abroad, covering six major teas, recycled tea, tea, tea service, international fine tea, incense, flower, purple sand, ceramics, agarwood crafts, agarwood products, Stationery, art, tea set crafts, tea furniture, mahogany, tea machinery, tea packaging design and other tea and tea peripheral products.

Compared with the previous Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair, this year's Tea Expo has two new pavilions. The pavilion is more clearly divided, the exhibition area is more subdivided, and the exhibition is more convenient.

The exhibition area is divided into:

Hall 1: National Tea House;

Hall 2: Government Pavilion / National Tea House;

Hall 3: Tea Culture Complex;

Hall 4: National Tea House;

Hall 6: Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and International Pavilion;

Hall 7: Zisha Art Museum;

Hall 8: Tea Set Crafts Hall;

Hall 9: Tea and Life Aesthetics Hall.

A gathering of leading tea companies to create a colorful national tea feast

Government-enterprise cooperation to promote the development of the tea industry! Leading the tea industry's consumption upgrade and promoting the development of the tea industry are inseparable from government support and guidance. For a long time, Huajuchen has focused on integrating the strengths of various tea producing areas, pursuing the concerted efforts of government and enterprises to seek the way of tea industry development!

This year's Tea Fair, Zhejiang Pavilion, Zunyi Pavilion, Rizhao Pavilion, Fuding Pavilion, Fu'an Pavilion, Wuyishan Pavilion, Chaozhou Pavilion, Raoping Pavilion, Zijin County Pavilion, Yuqing County Pavilion , Sanjiang County Pavilion, Laifeng County Pavilion, Liuzhou Pavilion, Hunan Daxiangxi Tea Industry Development Promotion Exhibition Pavilion, Yunnan Tea Distribution Association Pavilion, Jingdezhen Pavilion, Longquan Pavilion, Jianshui Purple Pottery Pavilion, More than 20 famous tea-producing areas and other governments from the Tongguan Kiln Pavilion will make their debut, bringing high-quality good tea and exquisite tea utensils from the original producing area.

Dayi, Yunnan Zhongcha, Yulin Ancient Tea House, Lancang Ancient Tea, Chen Shenghao, Yukurongshi, Jindaifu, Longyuan, Shujian, Zhongji, Small Can Tea, Zhejiang Tea Group, Hunan Tea Group,婺 Brand, Zhengde, Pinpinxiang, Green Snow Bud, Dingbai, Chinese Tea Butterfly, Longhe, Yungen, Baishaxi, China Tea Anhua First Tea Factory, Xiangyi, China Tea Liubao, Sanhe, Weiwei Tea , Ya'an Tea Factory, Zhengshantang, Tianzhihong, Runsi, Jiqingli , Zijiupingyanghuangtang, Tianrunhuangtang , Qiaobao, Yunding, No.1 Citrus Pu, Pupai, Rose Century, Jubao Dragon, Tianyue, Changtai, old comrades, tea picking shops, Baozhen and other leading tea companies will gather together to show the unique charm of tea companies!

Fanjia Huzhuang, Longdetang, Endless Dengzhai, Zixiang Pavilion, Shu Workshop, Jundetang, Gewushanfang, Centennial Danhong and other 260 purple sand artists, Hengfu, Zhenbaotang, Endless Dengzhai, No Tea service enterprises such as Erspace, Fuyuntang, Hemu, Nianxin, Ginger, Idle, Yunxishan and other tea service enterprises will show their masterpieces with stunning appearances!

International companies such as Myanmar Tea Association, Nepal Kathmandu Tea, Kenya Selenium-enriched Tea, Sri Lanka Elephant Lions, Pakistan, Jiebaotang of Japan, Jinzamba of Laos, Namtang of South Korea, etc. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan companies such as Shanshui, tea packaging machinery companies such as Yitong, Daliguang, Chengfei, and Wood Oriental will also come to the exhibition to enrich the categories of exhibits.

Technology and life aesthetics to promote the development of the tea industry

Tea and technology make life better! In order to further demonstrate the power of science and technology and to discover more tea aesthetic products, this year's tea expo has specially set up contemporaneous exhibitions: the 2019 China Tea Industry Science and Technology Annual Conference, and the 2019 Shenzhen International Tea Ware and Life Aesthetic Exhibition, injecting new power into traditional tea culture!

2019 China Tea Industry Annual Conference

From December 10th to 13th, the 2019 China Tea Industry Science and Technology Annual Conference hosted by the China Tea Society and organized by Shenzhen Tea Culture Promotion Association and Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Co., Ltd. was held at Shenzhen Yanzi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center. This is the first time that the China Tea Industry Science and Technology Annual Meeting has entered the sales area from the production area, into the city of the future, the capital of innovation, and the capital of science and technology-Shenzhen!

The theme of this annual conference is "Science and Technology to Support the High-quality Development of the Tea Industry". Two tea science and technology sub-venues and one tea economy sub-venue will be set up. This will bring together experts and scholars from the global tea industry, release the latest tea industry trends, and explore new developments in the tea industry. trend.

Technology empowers tradition! During the annual meeting, the Ninth Tea Young Scientists Forum and other activities will be launched one by one, focusing on the latest scientific and technological achievements of the tea industry in 2019, and promoting the new development of the tea industry!

2019 Shenzhen International Tea Ware and Aesthetics Exhibition

Unconsciously, tea is getting closer and closer to our lives. Tea extension products such as tea utensils, tea space aesthetics, and tea furniture are gradually integrated into our daily lives.

Tea is making life better and the world a better place. In order to discover more tea aesthetic products and meet people's growing demand for tea life aesthetics, this tea expo specially set up a contemporaneous exhibition-Shenzhen International Tea Ware and Life Aesthetic Exhibition 2019 , Focus on tea aesthetic products such as tea ware, tea space, tea furniture, etc., and provide an aesthetic grand ceremony for the participating citizens!

Gathering the essence of the world, creating a precise procurement platform

Hua Juchen has been deeply cultivating the tea industry for more than ten years, and has successfully launched more than 100 tea fairs in 30 central cities, and its influence has spread to the whole country. Morocco, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Singapore and other overseas tea industry organizations have maintained long-term and friendly cooperation.

The strong appeal and appeal of the Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair 2019 brought together 14 countries, including Japanese tea makers, Korean tea makers, Burmese tea, Vietnamese tea, Pakistani handicrafts, Kenya tea and other international governments and associations. Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Nepal, Russia, the United States, Singapore and other countries and regions brand tea companies and tea makers; At the same time, it also attracted 22 countries and regions including Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Russia, the United States, Australia, Professional buyers from Britain, France, Italy, UAE and other countries and regions came to the scene.

At this Tea Fair, the organizer Hua Juchen, using mature market operation models and precise top professional client invitation strategies, continued to increase the expansion of domestic, especially Guangdong province, and overseas professional buyers to further integrate Global tea industry resources to deepen the integration of international tea culture.

During the exhibition, the organizing committee will strive to provide precision procurement services for tea companies and buyers at home and abroad, and provide a convenient one-stop platform for cultural exchanges, information dissemination, and display transactions!

Wonderful tea events create a global tea conference

Hua Juchen lasted for 11 years and created nearly a thousand industry brand tea events. At this year's Tea Expo, the organizing committee will carefully plan a series of brand activities around the entire industry chain of the tea industry such as tea products, tea arts , tea utensils , and tea space, leading the new trend of the tea industry, and promoting the spread of tea culture and the development of the tea industry!

2019 Chinese Tea Ceremony

At the time of the annual closing, the organizing committee invited tea industry experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, government leaders and related representatives from all over the country to participate in the selection of the representative people, things and things in the tea industry to create a comprehensive tea circulation industry in the country. Annual "Oscar"!

"Chinese Tea Cup" · The 9th International Ding Cheng Tea King Competition

In 2019, the Ding Cheng Tea King Competition joined hands with the "Chinese Tea Cup" for the first time. Through perfecting the competition system, multi-dimensional and comprehensive evaluation, the best winners were selected to compete for the annual tea king!

The 6th National Jury of the Star Tea Artist

The Huajuchen brand event "National Star Tea Artists Selection Competition" linked 18 major cities across the country, setting off a wave of Chinese tea art, and displaying exquisite Chinese tea art!

The 4th Shenzhen International Tea Design Competition

This is a carnival that belongs to tea makers in the world. This is a top-level event that breeds future creative masters. This is a feast of tea wares that blends the past and the present with innovation!

"Jianghu on Tea" National Puer Tasting Competition Finals and Award Ceremony

108 Pu'er heroes, hit 1.08 million prizes! The First Pujiang Tasting Competition for "The Tea on the Rivers and Lakes" Finds China's Strongest Taste Buddies!

The Second International "Gongfu Tea" Brewing Competition

Craftsman · Art Heart · Inheritance! This event starts from inheriting Gongfu tea culture, integrates industry resources, and invites industry experts to jointly create a top-level Gongfu tea industry feast.

The 8th "Tea and Building" International Tea Space Design Competition and 2019 Tea Space Design Creative Exhibition

Be calm and enjoy a quiet time with a cup of tea. This event united 30 big coffee designers to create a grand space aesthetic feast!

2019 China Tea House Industry Summit and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Star Tea House Award Ceremony

Bring together representatives of outstanding teahouses from all over the country and big coffees from all walks of life to explore the road of teahouse culture and teahouse economy development through in-depth dialogue, promote teahouse culture, teahouse tourism, teahouse industrial economic development, and polish the business card of Chinese teahouse culture.

The 3rd Chinese Tea Education Forum

This event will invite well-known domestic tea education science mentors and humanistic mentors to start a wonderful dialogue and find Lu Yu's tea learning tradition. Using the perspective of naturalists, comprehensively combining the knowledge and skills of humanities and science, to open the education standard of tea people in the new era.

The Third Song Dynasty International Tea Ceremony Forum

"Tea thrives in Tang, but flourishes in Song". In the course of the development of Chinese tea culture, only the tea culture of the Song Dynasty can be called exquisite. Hua Juchen will cooperate with famous Chinese and Japanese tea ceremony scholars and everyone to conduct in-depth exchanges on the different paths of tea ceremony culture in China, Japan and South Korea.

Observation of tea in the furnace

Figure 7

Tea and bamboo are of the same origin, and take bamboo as the title to create a picture of tea. According to the beauty of oriental humanities, the tea of ingenuity and quality is invited. Tea friends from home and abroad are invited to gather together to revive the taste of tea in ancient and modern times.

Tea is the root of Chinese traditional culture and an important medium for Chinese culture to move to the international stage. Developing the tea industry is an important way to achieve poverty alleviation. The Shenzhen Tea Expo uses tea as a medium, based in Shenzhen, and looks at the world. It aims to spread tea knowledge, promote tea culture, promote tea technology, build tea brands, prosper the tea market, and develop the tea economy!

December 12-16

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

2019 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair

Thousands of famous enterprises in the world

More than 100 wonderful tea events

Exciting soon, stay tuned


Directed by

Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangdong Province

China International Tea Culture Research Association

Chinese Tea Society


Shenzhen Tea Culture Promotion Association

Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Co., Ltd.


Good Tea Warehouse New Retail

Good tea warehouse storage

Tea Reading World

Tea Reading All Media

Conference partners

Designated tasting tea: Zhengde (Guizhou Seven Tea Tea Industry Co., Ltd.)

Puer tea designated by the conference: Yunmen Tiancheng (Shenzhen Yunmen Tea Co., Ltd.)

Designated white tea : Sanquan white tea (Fujian Lianfeng Tea Industry Co., Ltd.)

Conference Strategic Cooperation Bank: Bank of Communications

Cooperative Banks: Guangfa Bank & China Life, China CITIC Bank, Ping An Bank

Conference cooperation logistics service provider: SF Express

Water for cooperation: Ganquan Qingquan

Conference cooperation medical and health service providers: Aikang Guobin

Recommended car platform: the best travel

Conference Partner Training Institution: Wall Street English

Cooperative media of the conference: Douyin, Sina Leju, Tea Reading All Media, "New Tea Culture", Date App

Conference partners: Baoan Daxing Benz, 58 City & Anjuke, Street Electric, Master Kong, Yidianyike, Liu Laogen City Theater, Mata Yanshan

International cooperation units: Japan Association of Modern Arts and Crafts, Saga Ceramics Association, Saga Art Association, International Tea Drinkers Association, Myanmar Tea Association, Vietnam Tea Association, Italian Tea and Drinks Association, British Tea Union, French Ministry of Agriculture AVPV Tea Judging Centre, Australian Tea Association, Kenyan Tea and Purple Tea Association, Hong Kong Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Argentina Tea Culture Association


There are only 9 days left until the 2019 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair! More exciting trailers are coming soon, so stay tuned!

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