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Tea City, Tea Fragrant City 2019 Shanghai International Tea Industry Expo Grand Opening

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Meet in Shencheng for a good taste. November 29, hosted by China International Tea Culture Research Association, Shanghai Modern Service Industry Federation, China Tea Museum, Shenzhen Tea Culture Promotion Association, Shenzhen Huajuchen Industry Co., Ltd. The Shanghai International Tea Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as Huajuchen Shanghai Tea Fair ) co-organized by retail and Haochacang Warehouse was grandly opened in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall H1. The exhibition lasts 4 days and will run until December 2.

This tea fair is based in Shanghai, facing the world, and benchmarking against high international standards. It is of great significance to make full use of Shanghai's location advantages, link up the “Belt and Road” economy business circle, and create a tea industry event in the Yangtze River Delta region. Tea leaders and industry leaders joined forces to create the annual closing feast of the Shanghai tea industry.

It is understood that Zhou Guofu, Chairman of China International Tea Culture Research Association, Gong Xueping, Member of the Standing Committee of the Eleventh National People's Congress and Director of the Standing Committee of the 12th Shanghai People's Congress, Liu Yungeng, Director of the Standing Committee of the 13th People's Congress of Shanghai, Party Secretary of the Party Group, Shanghai Modern Service Industry Zheng Huiqiang, President of the Federation, Chen Zhenhong, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Modern Service Industry Federation, Yang Jintu, President of Huzhou Luyu Tea Culture Research Association, Former Vice Chairman of Huzhou CPPCC, Xu Jianhong, Deputy Director of Huzhou Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, Representative of Shanghai Lao Tea Ni Huanfeng and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.

figure 1

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Brands gather

The current tea expo covers an area of up to 20,000 square meters, with 1,000 international standard booths, divided into Chinese brand pavilion, Pu'er tea area, national famous tea area, white tea area, purple sand area, tea utensils area, tea utensils aesthetic area, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and international District, new tea area, old tea street and other areas, convenient for the majority of tea friends and Shanghai residents to taste and buy their favorite tea.

This year's Tea Fair attracted more than 600 enterprises from 69 famous tea producing areas at home and abroad to participate, and will show Shanghai tea friends nearly 30,000 kinds of tea industry chain related products, covering the traditional six major teas, old tea, new style Tea drinks, tea clothes, fine tea utensils, purple sand, handicrafts, etc. It is worth mentioning that exhibitors from Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and other countries and regions also bring unique tea products to tea friends. And exquisite tea set.

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Citizens and tea lovers can not only enjoy a full meal, taste free tea from the country of origin, taste the old tea that has been precipitated over time and baptized by time, but also enjoy the beautiful purple sand, ceramics, Ru kiln, Jianzhan and other tea utensils. This is definitely a must-see and enjoyment feast.

During the exhibition, white tea companies such as Pinpinxiang, Guangfu Xindao, Guozhi White Tea, Hanyi Tower, Baima Mountain, Changxin White Tea, Becha Ceremony, and Xianger; Chinese tea, taste of dry warehouse, Octagon Pavilion, Changtai, Shujian, For example, Pu'er tea companies such as Pu'er; Zhengshantang, Junde, Shan'ertang, Tanyang Kongfu, and other black tea companies; Xigua, Haiti, Yan Yaxuan, Tanyang Kongfu, and other oolong tea companies; Taste, Seven Tea, Tea Science Green tea companies such as Hui; Yellow tea companies such as Huangkui, Tianrun Yellow Tea and Jiu Ning Feihuang ; black tea companies such as Wuzhou Zhongcha ; old citrus tea companies such as Laoshugan , Cibo, Dedingfu; Buddy, Feiyang Xinyu and other scented tea companies; old tea companies such as Daketang, Tea Picking Shop, Yuanheng, Baozhen, Liangyouhui, and Laocha will all dress up and bring high-quality good tea to the people of Shanghai.

Erhai Pu'er Tea, Wuzhou Liubao Tea , Rizhao Group and other groups will participate in the exhibition; there are also cross-border companies: Changde, Indonesian cat feces coffee and other companies come to enrich the exhibition categories; there are also Sedek, Liangcha, Hongyuan, Macao, Taiwan and other international companies such as Cha Yuanmin, Lao Er Tea Shop, Shifenchun, and other international companies have made the icing on the cake for this Expo.

In addition, Tan Shujun, Wu Fangyu, Shi Zhipeng, Zheng Xiaojie and other purple sand and ceramic enterprises; Jinzao, Dongdao Ruyao, Zhuo Gong, Bo Yuantang, Guoxi Custom and other tea ware and tea space enterprises; Fuyuntang, ginger, ancient wood and flowers Clothing enterprises; Fangxiang Xiangcheng and other agarwood companies will bring exquisite exhibits to create an ultimate aesthetic event for Shanghai residents.


Tea events are exciting and exciting

Shanghai is China's economic, financial, trade, shipping, and technological innovation center, and is a well-known international metropolis. The Shanghai urban spirit of "Hainanbaichuan, the pursuit of excellence, enlightenment, wisdom, and modesty" and the longing of Shanghai residents for a high-quality life have made Shanghai, which basically does not produce tea, "Haina" all tea-producing areas in the country and India, Japan , Sri Lanka and other tea-producing countries' famous tea products.

Tea drinking and tea club friends have become the new fashion of the Shanghai era. Many high-end and elegant teahouses and teahouses have gradually become a beautiful scenery in Shanghai. Shanghai tea culture has also shown commercial tea culture, celebrity tea culture, and casual tea culture. The distinctive characteristics of ethnic tea culture and foreign tea culture. The Organizing Committee of the current Tea Expo, in cooperation with a number of local tea cultural organizations and institutions, has planned a series of tea cultural activities, enriching the connotation of the Tea Expo, and working together to promote the prosperity of the tea industry and tea culture in Shanghai and even the Yangtze River Delta. development of.

Figure 4

——Qiuyue · Qushuiliu

A fashion capital, a kind of ancient elegance, the fusion of the two is the exchange of fashion and classics, the intersection of the East and the West. The Tea Fair restored ancient times with curvy waters and built an oriental outdoor aesthetic space. Here, the elegant and elegant people sit here along the table and enjoy tea, drinking, poetry, and flower viewing, an antique scene.

Tea Expo site, Qushui Liuying District will stage professional performances such as Guqin, flower ceremony, incense, tea art, as well as special lectures on Tibetan tea, Jianzhan, Korean tea ceremony and other topics. The organizing committee also organized a number of tasting activities for consulates of various countries in Shanghai to let more foreign friends understand Chinese tea and Chinese tea culture.

——Snoring loudly, China's first Tea Man talk show conference

"How to make young people fall in love with tea" is a question that the tea industry has been exploring. "Speak loudly" · China's first tea talk show, led by Shanghai famous tea man and author of "The Land of Tea" Rong Xinyu, jointly planned with the organizing committee to explore a new way of tea culture communication, combining The preferences of young people break the traditional form of competition, de-expertization, de-mastering, close to the public with a savvy and civilian attitude, let the tea culture step down from the altar, root the people's hearts, and truly achieve zero-distance transmission.

Since the launch of the first tea talk show in China, the "talk show" boom in tea circles has attracted nearly 300 tea people and tea lovers from Fujian, Jiangxi, Anhui, Sichuan, Hunan and other places to sign up or watch . On the afternoon of November 29th, the talk show was wonderfully performed. The contestants on the spot will use the "animal world of tea", "various aspects of the tea world, thousands of faces of tea people", "releasing the inner restlessness, pretending to be peaceful in appearance ...", etc. As the theme, the elaboration was carried out. The tongue can lotus, the "tea stalks" continued, and the audience was overwhelmed. The bursts of laughter brought people closer to the traditional tea culture.

——Huacha Guest World, China Tea Industry Trends Forum

On November 30, the Tea Expo Organizing Committee's "China Tea Visitors World-China Tea Industry Trend Forum" will be held at the Tea Expo site. Tu Youying, PhD, Department of Tea Science, Zhejiang University, Zhu Zhuzhen, deputy curator of China Tea Museum, Shu Man, executive director of China International Tea Culture Research Association, Chang Yong, vice president of Tianhong Fund, Luo Hongbo, president of Pu'er Magazine, The Tea Fair of the Yuyuan Tea Conference in the Expo is planned by the tea maker Tea Fairy Bao Lili, "The Tea, A Leaf Story" CCTV documentary director Wang Chongxiao, "The Kingdom of Tea" Rong Xinyu, the founder and chairman of Qinhan Hutong, Wang Shuangqiang, Shanghai Industry Co., Ltd. Huang Wei, Managing Director, Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Group President Yang Wenbiao and other industry experts and scholars, focus on the tea company brand strategy development.

This forum will focus on topics such as "tea elements from tea diplomacy and video, in-depth analysis of the future of tea", "future trends of the tea industry, how to achieve sustainable development of Chinese tea" and other topics. The round table forum + interactive communication "combined with industrial empowerment, international integration, and tea-derived industries, gave insights into the current tea industry forms and trends, and let a leaf help the" World Conference Living Room ".

——A hundred dramas of non-legacy tea, magic water of clear water

The Tea Hundred Plays first appeared in the Tang Dynasty and flourished in the Song Dynasty. They have a close relationship with the Confucianist Zhu Xi, but they have almost disappeared since modern times. After more than 20 years of practice and exploration, the non-genetic inheritor Zhang Zhifeng began to rescue the tea hundred opera skills in 2009. In 2017, the tea hundred opera was included in the intangible cultural heritage of Fujian Province.

On the morning of December 2nd, Teacher Zhang Zhifeng performed this ancient and precious tea culture essence for tea friends in the tea culture activity area, and reproduced the traditional Chinese art!

—— 瀹 时光, Pu'er Tea Collection and Tasting

The organizing committee also specially invited Mr. Deng Shihai, a well-known Taiwanese tea culture scholar and the first person of Pu'er tea, to come to the tea fair site to share "Pu Shiguang · Pu'er Tea Collection and Tasting" with the majority of tea friends. Through lectures, on-site tasting and interactive communication, this lecture will allow participating tea friends to obtain the core values of Pu'er tea and Chen Xiangxiang from tea drinking and master the knowledge of choosing classic new Pu'er tea!

——Mingxing Tea Artist Shanghai Finals

The most anticipated "Final Star Tea Artists Sixth National Selection Contest Shanghai Division Finals" will be held in the afternoon of December 1st in the tea culture activity area. Ten players will compete for the championship of the Shanghai Star Division of the 6th National Star Contest, and the winner will go directly to the 6th National Star Contest of the Star Star Tea Artist at the 2019 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair in December. The annual finals of the contest, competing for the national championship, and becoming the spokesperson for the Huaxingchen Tea Fair 2020 Star Star Tea Masters Competition.

——Know Me, 24th Solar Painting Exhibition

The quality of tea is inseparable from the solar terms. The organizing committee also invited the contemporary ink and wash artist Mr. Li Zhiya to come to the tea fair to hold a small painting exhibition. The majority of tea friends can appreciate the beauty of Chinese solar terms from the ink painting on the scene.

Teacher Li Zhimi regards painting as a part of life, just like a meal or a pot of tea, free and natural. Ink and paper, between square inches, made his little world. His paintings are "life", "joy", and "warmth"; the lines, light and shadow, and ink color all have inexplicable moving power.

Figure 4

From November 29th to December 2nd, there are many famous tea wares in the country, and there are many wonderful tea events. The Huajuchen Shanghai Tea Fair invites you to enjoy tea, elegant wares, tea ceremony, tea fighting arts, listening to forums, exploring future!

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