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Lincang promotes the transformation and upgrading of the tea industry to achieve a substantial increase in tea output

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The green mountains are winding, the green waters are winding, and the autumnal Lincang is strolling. The major tea plantation bases are like green blankets. The scent of tea and the rain and fog make the villages more vivid. As the main element and symbol representing Lincang, the good industrial foundation of tea has not only made the people here rich with tea, but the good market prospects and development potential have given Lincang the tea industry a vibrant vitality.
Tea planting base

In recent years, Lincang has continuously promoted the transformation and upgrading of the tea industry, from the construction of green and organic tea garden bases, to the local legislative protection of ancient tea resources, to enhance the ability of deep processing of tea, to grasp the quality of primary products, to cultivate processing enterprises, to develop innovative products, and to promote public The construction of warehouses and the creation of a green Lincang tea brand started to achieve a substantial increase in tea plantation area and tea output.

At the same time, Lincang, on the one hand, uses exhibitions as a platform, insists on "going out" marketing, expands the market, and expands sales; on the other hand, it adopts the "invite in" approach, and cities and counties work together to provide tea to the world at all levels Demonstrating the advantages, characteristics, achievements and great potential of the development of Lincang tea industry, focusing on creating a green tea brand in Lincang, and increasing the popularity of Lincang's "world tea respect" and " black tea capital". Today, the planting area of tea gardens in Lincang City reaches 1.5 million acres, including 110,000 acres of ancient tea gardens with more than 100 years of old tea trees. The total tea output is 136,000 tons. It is China's largest tea-producing market, the largest black tea production base and Pu'er tea. Raw material base.

Picking tea leaves

At the just-concluded 2019 Lincang “Tianxia Tea Respect” Tea Festival in Lincang, the county (district) government of Lincang City and relevant departments at the municipal level completed the on-site signing of 15 projects with an agreed funding of 3.596 billion yuan. Involving the construction of tea bases and tea estates, the comprehensive development of tea tourism culture, the intensive processing of tea, and the procurement cooperation of tea products, covering various areas of the tea industry, this will undoubtedly further help the transformation and upgrading of the tea industry in Lincang.

Lincang Tea Industry Makes New Steps in Transformation and Upgrading

It is understood that during the Tea World Tea Festival in Lincang, Yunnan, more than 1,000 tea experts, industry representatives and merchants from all over the world gathered in Lincang to talk about the sustainable development of the tea industry. With the success of this festival, the popularity and reputation of Lincang tea industry will be further enhanced, and the overseas market will be further expanded, which can give full play to the role of the tea industry as a cornerstone industry to promote poverty alleviation. At the same time, it is conducive to promoting the implementation of the Yunnan tea industry development strategy, making positive contributions to the development of the Yunnan tea industry, helping Lincang to become the world-renowned "black tea capital" and "world tea respect", and realizing the strategy of becoming a world-class tea industry center aims.

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