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Xie Fuliang: Tea marketing is just three things!

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A reader read my "What's the Trick of Tea Marketing?" After that, I said: You can go to start a business ...

This is an irony.

Most of the time, it may be that he did not look at the specific content, or it may be the disapproval of the latter stomach that he made such a proposal, but this possibility is unlikely. Because, in the article, I denied the existence of "unique tricks", pointed out the dangers of seeking "unique tricks", and emphasized that we must work hard and practice under certain planning.

For more than a decade, I have always said that I do "field war" marketing, because I have not leaned on a big tree, I have been working like an old ox, researched while fighting, and I have all worked hard from the market It ’s like wild animals looking for food. You must do brand marketing well, otherwise you will be “starved to death” and naturally “not strange” to brand marketing.

To face the marketing of the tea industry, there are three things, namely "three plays." I have talked many times, and the book "No Tea" has been specifically discussed, and here is a brief discussion.

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One is outstanding. Products must be outstanding, have differences, and have personality to meet the differentiated needs of consumers; otherwise, one thousand people can only fight for the price.

Also, as the boss must be clear that marketing is pursuing "difference" rather than "same". For products, even if the product itself has no or little difference, it is necessary to seek differentiation on the packaging. This can refer to mineral water .

Imagine that mineral water has a difference of 2 yuan and 20 yuan, and even a larger difference. Why is tea not allowed?

Therefore, on the premise of seeking truth from facts , the bosses must find ways to make the product “outstanding”. If they can “stand out from the crowd,” it is better, even if they ca n’t, consumers must really feel that “we are different”.

In addition, the price, channel and other elements can be "outstanding", the key is to do it in a down-to-earth manner.

Summer tea

Second, it is famous. The product is outstanding, and it is easy to become famous. Even if the packaging is differentiated, it will also help to increase popularity.

For example, a singer has become easier to recognize since he bald, and his popularity has skyrocketed. Of course, this must include song quality and other communication strategy factors, which cannot be viewed in isolation.

Third, conspiracy. Selling tea should not be "selling tea", but "helping consumers buy tea". The concept is to "make a plan", that is, to "make a plan" for consumers to buy tea and help consumers buy the right tea. Consumers save money and time, in short, to serve consumers.

I often say to tea bosses everywhere that this must be done from the heart and must be "sincere", not a slogan.

And note that there are too many falsehoods and falsehoods. You cannot ask others to immediately understand your sincerity. You must have patience and you must learn the necessary communication methods. You are convinced that time will prove everything.

In the end, it is still to say that marketing is a practice. You have to do it and think constantly. The two are organically combined, persevering, and golden stones can be carved. The road naturally goes wider and wider!
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