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Tea suitable for girls for a long time? These 4 tea women are suitable for all seasons

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Many girls maintain the habit of drinking tea for a long time. This habit does have a relatively good effect on health care and beauty. However, for girls, if you want to drink tea for a long time, you really need to choose one that is more suitable for you. So what kind of tea is suitable for girls to drink for a long time?

4 teas for women to drink for a long time

Tea for Women 1: Chrysanthemum Tea


Why are chrysanthemums suitable for women to drink? Because chrysanthemums have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying the liver, in fact, women have a lot of skin problems caused by toxins, so drinking more chrysanthemums for female friends can help detoxify the liver and remove from the body. Eliminate the toxins.

Tea for Women 2: Hawthorn Tea


10 grams of hawthorn. First clean the prepared hawthorn and remove the nucleus inside. Then put the water in the pot and put it into the water to torment, remove the impurities, and drink the juice.

Efficacy: This hawthorn tea can eliminate fats, help excrete waste in the body, and eliminate toxins in the body, which is very effective for beauty detoxification.

Tea for Women 3: Pu'er Tea


5 dried chrysanthemums, Pu'er tea amount. Put the two materials into the cup together, and add the hot water of the boiling soup to brew. For those who do not like to drink strong tea, you can directly pour the first tea and drink the second tea. .

Efficacy: Pu'er tea can help digestion and eliminate fats, and those who have a poor stomach and intestines should not drink this kind of tea.

Tea for Women 4: Roses + Osmanthus


Rose tea has obvious effect on eliminating freckles and wrinkles. It is the most ideal beauty drink. Osmanthus fragrans, clear heart, eyesight, and dry mouth. Together, these two teas can detoxify, help us expel toxins from the body, and have a whitening effect on our skin from the inside out.

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