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Looking for a cup of old tea

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The most beautiful April day coincides with the Qingming holiday, the sun is just right, the breeze is not dry, and it is suitable to go for a walk. Because of the beautiful legends of mountains and rivers for thousands of years, today a beautiful tea party was staged on the Guqin stage in Jiangcheng. The tea party was hosted by Shenzhen Tea Culture Promotion Association, Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Co., Ltd., and organized by Wuhan Qintai Management Office and the 5th Wuhan Tea Expo Organizing Committee.

Looking at the river, sitting on the ground, smelling incense, appreciating flowers, talking about the earth in the tea smoke, a "flowing water", a Zen dance, add a little more mood. A group of acquaintances and acquaintances gathered together for tea, and in the look of toasting and drinking together, it was like a stranger who had reunited for a long time.

Perhaps, just at the moment of the flash of light, the friendship between the two people occurred. Friendship does not lie in knowing the length of time, but whether there is resonance in the soul. Some people haven't known each other for a long time, but they have become close friends, and some people have known each other for a lifetime, and they can't talk with one's heart. This is the fate of people.

This tea party seems to have crossed the millennium, and it has come from ancient times, with the beautiful expectations of the Beiyazi period, and has achieved this happy atmosphere today. With the respect for their ancestors, everyone was intoxicated in the boundless tea fragrance. Today's tea is also very suitable, and they are carefully selected old-fashioned teas-Baiheyinzhen · six-year Chen Yun, 11-year Weiwei tea 1368, "Love of Jiangcheng" 2012 black brick tea, and spring white tea master Yulu.

The first taste of the tea party was Baihaoyinzhen · six-year Chen Yun. The sweet, mellow, soft and smooth of the old white tea was like an intimate old friend. After a cup, it was warm and mellow. After tasting the first tea, Liu Wenzhao's Guqin "Flowing Water" sounded melodiously, the soothing rhythm makes people feel relaxed. Guqin helped, and there was another layer of resonance among the tea friends present, and the heart-to-heart distance was one step closer.

The tea continued to brew, and the second old tea, the 11-year-old Weiwei tea 1368, also captured the hearts of everyone. In such a scenario, it is not perfect to have tea fragrance. During the dinner, teacher Ke Xinglin's flower ceremony performance brought the visual and olfactory double enjoyment to the on-site tea friends. The grace of the teacher's hands and feet made everyone fall for it, and the scent of flowers made you smell the spring.

The third old tea, "The Love of Jiangcheng", the deep and persistent taste of the black brick tea in 2012 also impressed the tea friends. This feeling is like a long stream of feelings among old friends, endless. At the same time, a beautiful zen dance by teachers Liu Yun, Liu Yun, and Wang Yutong pushed the atmosphere of the tea party to the climax. There is tea in Zen, there is Zen in tea, and Zen tea needs to be tasted.

In the end, the head spring white tea—Master Yulu, used the Tang Dynasty steam-killing technology, and more of the selenium, protein, amino acids and other contents in the tea were retained. The full-bodied fragrance was like drinking the whole spring into my heart. . At this point, tea has been enjoyed. Unknowingly, the afterglow of the setting sun has covered the piano platform, and this is the perfect end to this wonderful afternoon.

Although the tea party is over, a bigger event is about to begin-April 21-24, the 5th China (Wuhan) International Tea Industry Expo and Zisha, Ceramics, and Tea Supplies Exhibition will be held in Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center. At that time, you are welcome to visit, guide, and enjoy tea and tea together!

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