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The main reason for not drinking tea and hangover, many people do n’t know

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In life, if you drink too much alcohol, friends often suggest drinking black tea to hang out. After drinking tea , the urine will increase, and a clear alcohol smell will be smelled in the urine, thinking that the wine is easily discharged. It is true that after drinking tea, we will feel more comfortable, but the method of often using tea to hangover will cause great harm to the body.

▲ The Compendium of Materia Medica describes the dangers of drinking tea after drinking alcohol

It is a saying that tea can hangover since ancient times. Many people often use strong black tea to sober up. However, this method can not only hangover, but also hurt the kidneys! Li Shizhen in the Compendium of Materia Medica specifically described the dangers of drinking tea: "Drinking tea after drinking hurts the kidneys, the waist and legs fall, and the bladder is cold Pain, combined with sputum drinking edema, thirst and cramps. "Modern medicine has also confirmed that drinking tea, especially strong tea, can cause adverse effects on the kidneys. The metabolic process of alcohol in the body is first carried out in the liver. After the alcohol enters the liver, it is first oxidized to acetaldehyde by the action of oxidase, and then to acetic acid. Acetic acid is oxidized to carbon dioxide and water. Excreted separately by the kidneys and lungs.

▲ The tea soup of black tea contains a lot of caffeine

Theophylline, the main ingredient in black tea, has a diuretic effect. Drinking a large amount of black tea, theophylline can quickly exert diuretic effects, prompting undecomposed acetaldehyde to enter the kidneys prematurely; and acetaldehyde has a great effect on the urinary system. If you drink tea often after drinking, it will easily cause urinary frequency and turbidity, and dry stool. Medical research also shows that alcohol has a strong irritant effect on the cardiovascular system, and strong tea also has the effect of exciting the heart. The combination of the two also increases the stimulation of the heart, which is not good for people with poor heart function.

Black tea is not only hangover, but it will also aggravate the body. After drinking too much hangover, you can eat some citrus, pear, apple and other fruits, drink watermelon juice is better. If there is no fruit, a cup of syrup can also help hangover. So drink less, drink more tea.

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