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Want to learn tea? Get these basic tools ready!

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When I was a student, I often had this experience: Whenever I am determined to study well, I must clean up my desk first, and have all my studies in order. "This sentence is convinced. Of course, learning tea is the same. If you really decide to learn tea well, the basic tools will be indispensable.

| Water Quality Test Kit

To make good tea, you must first have good water. After all, there are only a few people who can discern good water with the naked eye, so you must borrow tools.

There are many dimensions to identify water quality. The test tools include test paper, test pens, test kit reagents and other types. But if you are just drinking tea, the pH test and water hardness test are already sufficient.

PH test paper

Basically, the requirement for the pH value of drinking water is weakly alkaline. The national drinking water pH value range is between 6.5 and 8.0. You only need to put the test paper in the water and compare the color of the color chart. You can easily make judgments.

Water hardness tester

The hardness of water quality actually affects the quality of the actual brewed tea to a greater extent, and different teas may actually have different requirements for water quality, so the inspection needs to be more accurate. At this time, test pens that can display different hardnesses of water quality will work well.

Generally speaking, if you want to better reflect the characteristics of a tea, it is more suitable to use distilled water, high purity water or purified water. And if you want to brew a tea perfectly, you need to experiment and compare it in many high-quality mineral water to get the best choice.

| Mini Scale

Portable mini-mini scales for calculating the amount of tea. The weighing range of this type is generally between 1g and 100g, and the accuracy is usually 0.01g. These artifacts have three major benefits.

  • Benefit 1-precise basic dosage
  • Using scales can more accurately grasp the amount of tea used, after all, grabbing a cup of tea is too risky.
  • Benefit 2-test tea volume
  • For your favorite tea, you can try brewing with different tea doses. You need to know that different tea doses bring more than just a change in shade, even the aroma may have a pleasant change.   
  • Benefit 3-Raising Sense
  • After you are used to weighing tea, you will find that even your hand feels better and better. Grab it at hand, getting closer and closer to the right amount of tea.

| Thermometer

Most of the thermometers use electronic thermometers or infrared thermometers. The temperature measurement range is between 100 ° C and 150 ° C, and the error is between 1.5 ° C. For beginners who are not good at making tea, using a thermometer is a very suitable auxiliary material.

If it is a strict tea brewer, it is easy to find when the temperature is required to reach 100 ° C. In the traditional brewing process, the boiling point is used to judge whether the tea has reached 100 ° C. It is really unreliable. Because the actual situation is that the boiling point temperature changes with the pressure, altitude and weather may affect the temperature of the tea soup. In particular, the aroma of tea is very delicate and sensitive. The temperature is slightly worse, and there may be many aroma substances that cannot be displayed.

The differences in these various details are often so small that they are thousands of miles away, so using a thermometer to observe the entire brewing process in the early stage of tea learning can allow you to have a deep understanding of various methods and brewing details.

| Timer

Most of this tool does not appear in the form of physical objects, and many apps on mobile phones can meet this function. Foreign countries have long developed multiple versions of timers dedicated to making tea. The Tevana website, which was once a hot topic, has also released an app for making time-checks with time, accompanied by music.

It should be noted that when using the timer, it is best not to stare at the timer, nor to chat with people waiting for time, to observe the changes in tea, and to cultivate your own sense of time.

| Pocket Microscope

Generally refers to the portable microscope M-10. This pocket magnifying glass is the unique artifact of black tea lovers, most of which are 100-200 times, adjustable focus. It is specially used to identify the famous "Golden Flower Fungus" in black tea.

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