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What are the varieties of oolong tea?

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What are the varieties of oolong tea ? Oolong tea belongs to one of the six major teas, and there are more categories in oolong tea. Today I will introduce it to you.

1.Wuyi Rock Tea

Produced from Wuyi Mountain in Fujian, Wuyi Rock Tea has a fat and even shape, tight knots and curls, a smooth luster, and frog-like leaves on its backs.

The color is green, sand green, dense yellow, leaf bottom, leaf edge vermilion or red spots, and the center is light green.

Drink this tea, the aroma is spinachy, the leaves are strong, fresh and sweet, and it has a special "rock charm". Dahongpao is the best in Wuyi rock tea.

2. Phoenix Dancong

It is produced in Wujing Mountain tea area of Fenghuang Town, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province. The shape of the tea is strong and curly, the leaf color is light yellow with slightly green, the soup color is yellow and green, and the aroma is clear and long.

3. Taiwan Oolong Tea

Produced in Taiwan, China, with bar-shaped curls, copper-brown, orange-red tea soup, pure taste, strong fruity aroma, red-bellied green at the bottom of the leaves after brewing, among which the frozen-top oolong tea (commonly known as frozen-top tea) in Nantou County is extremely well known Tall and most valuable.


Produced in Anxi, South Fujian, " Tieguanyin " is both the tea name and the name of the tea tree variety. The shape of this tea is tightly tied, some are like scale hooks, and some are like dragon heads. Because caffeine evaporates with water, A layer of white frost is formed on the surface, which is called "sand green frost".

After brewing this tea, the fragrance is fragrant, the heat is fine, the mouth is full of fragrant, the throat is sweet, and it is called the seven bubbles with the fragrance.

5.Phoenix narcissus

It is a strip-shaped oolong tea produced in Fenghuang Township, Chaoan, Guangdong.

It has natural floral fragrance, honey rhyme, strong taste, mellow, refreshing, sweet, resistant to brewing. Mainly exported to Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and exported to Japan, Southeast Asia and the United States.

Phoenix narcissus enjoys the reputation of “beautiful, beautiful, green, fragrant, and sweet”. The tea sticks are enlarged, the color is catfish skin color, oily and shiny, the tea soup is clear and clear, the flavor is refreshing and sweet, the fragrance is long-lasting, resistant bubble.

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