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People with weak spleen and stomach, easy to sleep, drink eight kinds of tea in spring to help you refresh

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Sleepy! Sleepy! Sleepy! When spring comes, many people always feel that they are not getting enough sleep, and the whole person is drowsy and has no spirit. In order not to affect the study work, it is best to take some measures to refresh at this time. We all know that drinking tea can have a refreshing effect, so which teas have a good refreshing effect and can help drive away spring difficulties?

Why is it springy?

I believe everyone knows that when spring comes, people are always prone to sleepiness. What causes spring sleepiness?

First, due to the heavy dampness at this time, if the body is insufficient in yang, it is easy to be invaded by wet evils, the spleen is mistreated due to dampness, and sleepiness, drowsiness, difficulty in concentration, fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, etc. It is called "wet sleepy" or "spring sleepy". Spring sleepiness will affect the drainage of the liver. Once the liver is drained and the Qi is stagnant, it will easily make people feel abnormal or depressed.

2. In addition to the change of seasons and the increase of moisture, it is easy to cause "spring sleepiness". Frequently eating cold, fatty foods, or lack of exercise and lack of rest can easily make people's spleen and stomach function poor. Children are not full of energy, their internal organs are delicate, and their spleen is not fully functional. The elderly and chronically ill have weak spleen and stomach, and are more prone to "spring sleep" symptoms.

3. In fact, spring sleepiness is a natural regulatory response of the human body in response to seasonal changes, so it is normal to feel tired and weak in spring, but if there are serious symptoms such as lethargy, often tiredness, etc., you need to pay attention. And in many cases, if the spring distress is too severe, it may be caused by depression and other emotional diseases, or it may be caused by diabetes or hypertension. At the same time, if the body's lung function is weak, it will also cause spring sleepiness.

Eight kinds of tea to help you get rid of spring

After understanding the cause of spring sleepiness, everyone must be very curious about how to alleviate the spring sleepiness! Below, I will teach you to make some tea drinks with refreshing effect. Although the method is simple, it works well!

Rock Sugar Mint Tea

Production: 5 to 10 mint leaves can be used as raw materials. It is generally recommended to buy from pharmacies, because the traditional processing method of traditional Chinese medicine can keep its medicinal properties as much as possible. After washing with cold water, put it in a tea cup, add 200 ml of hot water, cover with 15-20 minutes until the medicinal fragrance is released, and when it is cold, add rock sugar, honey or fruit juice according to personal preference to improve the taste of the tea.

Efficacy: Peppermint calms tension and refreshes depression. Drinking 1 cup when you feel unwell is good for refreshing and relieving stress. Peppermint tea also helps digestion, and is especially suitable for upset stomachs or drinking too greasy food. In addition, gargle with mint tea can not only refresh your breath, but also eliminate gum swelling and pain.

Mint Licorice Tea

Production: more than 10 pieces of fresh mint leaves, 5g of licorice, 5g of green tea , 10g of ginseng, 500ml of boiling water, according to this ratio, after brewing for more than 10 minutes, filter out the residue, add an appropriate amount of sugar, and mix thoroughly.

Efficacy: It has the effects of antipyretic and heatstroke, cooling and detoxifying, sweating and relieving the symptoms, and has a good effect on headaches, red eyes, sore throat, wind and cold.

Rose mint tea

Production: Select 4-5 dried rose buds and a small amount of mint. Put dried roses into the cup together with mint, and cover for 10-15 minutes. After the tea is cooled, it will be better to drink.

Efficacy: People's emotions tend to fluctuate during the spring and summer transition season, and roses are often loved by office women. They have the effect of promoting blood circulation and relieving emotions. Mint can drive away fatigue and make people feel refreshed. The sweet and pure fragrance can dilute the bitterness of mint, and serve two purposes.

Rose Bergamot Astragalus Tea

Production: Take 6 grams of astragalus, 3 grams of rose, 3 grams of bergamot, and drink.

Efficacy: Rose has the effect of relieving the liver and qi, and the bergamot has the effect of relieving the qi, both of which are used for smoothing the qi; Astragalus has the effect of strengthening the spleen and invigorating qi, and can nourish qi. The combination of the three can nourish and clear air, and achieve the purpose of nourishing the liver and protecting the liver.

lemon tea

Making: Cut two to three slices of fresh lemon, add 1g of salt, and brew with hot boiling water. Drink this tea while it is hot, it will become bitter when it is cold. It can be used before or after meals without hurting the stomach.

Efficacy: This tea can smooth phlegm, eliminate fatigue, and reduce headaches.

Hawthorn tea

Production: 20g hawthorn, 200g sugarcane, decoction to remove residue, drink as tea.

Efficacy: It has the functions of clearing away heat and purging fire, moistening dryness and quenching thirst.

Lavender lemon tea

Production: Choose 5-6 lemon slices or lemon juice from dried lavender buds. Put dried lavender buds and lemon slices into a tea cup, add boiling water and cover for 5-10 minutes. If it is paired with lemon juice, add tea after it is light green and cool.

Efficacy: Lavender aroma is loved by women. Since ancient times, it has nourishing, soothing stress and eliminating fatigue. Lemon has the function of diuretic, promotes digestion and blood circulation, relieves headache, and it emits a light fragrance. Inspiring, but pregnant women should not drink tea containing lemon.

Chrysanthemum ginseng tea

Production: Select 4 ~ 5 ginseng dried buds and 10 ~ 20 grams. Mince the ginseng into small pieces, put them into chrysanthemum flower buds, and cover with hot water for 10-15 minutes.

Efficacy: Ginseng contains saponin and a variety of vitamins, which has a good regulatory effect on the human nervous system, can improve human immunity, effectively eliminate fatigue, and chrysanthemum smells fragrant, has fire-extinguishing, bright-eyed effects, and the combination Refreshing effect, but people with high blood pressure should not use ginseng, and ginseng should not be taken with tea , coffee, radish.

If you are also entangled by spring sleepiness, then you may wish to try the tea above to drive away spring sleepiness!

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