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Recommended teas for the four seasons

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In spring, not only should we prevent various diseases, but we must also take good care of the five internal organs. So how to keep healthy in spring? Strong fragrant tea is the best choice. Drinking tea can not only help you disperse the cold in the body during the winter, but also have health effects, which can remove diseases, lower cholesterol and so on. Here are some spring health teas to share with you.

Six major spring health teas

1.Gold and silver green leaf tea

Method: First, prepare honeysuckle and big green leaves. Of course, water is indispensable. Then put the prepared honeysuckle and big green leaves into the tea cup and start boiling the water; boil the water and pour it into the tea cup. Cover it with a lid and let it drink for ten minutes. Generally, you can make gold, silver and green leaf tea once or three times. The main feature of this gold and silver green leaf tea is that it can effectively prevent colds. Frequent drinking can enhance resistance, especially in the spring season when the flu is raging. It is most suitable for drinking.

2, wolfberry chrysanthemum tea

Method: Prepare goji berries and chrysanthemums. Then put wolfberry and chrysanthemum into the tea cup, and then pour boiling water into the tea cup. Of course, like gold, silver and green leaf tea, soak for ten minutes before drinking. Goji chrysanthemum tea is very suitable for patients with hypertension. This health tea can be used as a health drink, which can lower blood pressure and effectively prevent dizziness.

3.Plum blossom tea

Method: First choose plum blossoms, of course, plum blossoms must be dried. Then brew with boiling water and drink. The wax plum tea is especially effective for ENT diseases. It helps to soothe the throat, and can treat sore throat and bad breath.

4.Rose tea

Method: Prepare roses, then brew with boiling water and drink. Rose tea is believed that many people have heard of it and often drink it. So do you know what the health benefits of rose tea is? Rose tea has health effects on liver and spleen, and rose tea can also deal with indigestion.

5. Tremella medlar tea

Method: First prepare the right amount of Tremella and wolfberry, and prepare rock sugar. Then prepare a pot, pour the water first with the gentle heat and then put the white fungus into the pot and boil; then add the remaining wolfberry and rock sugar and cook for about ten minutes. This Tremella fungus tea is perfect for friends who want to whiten. It can help us replenish moisture, make your skin more supple and also whiten the skin. Therefore, this health tea is indispensable for spring health.

6, jasmine tea

Method: Prepare one or one and a half lemons, as well as a moderate amount of jasmine tea and a small amount of honey. Then just wash the lemon quickly and cut into slices and put it in a tea cup for use; secondly, put an appropriate amount of jasmine tea in the tea cup for use. The last step is to boil the water. Generally, hot water above 75 ° C can be used for boiling. Brew in hot water for two minutes and add honey to serve. The main effect of jasmine tea is for people with anorexia and abdominal pain.

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