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Health tea spring sale popular doctor: random mix and match is poor

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With the arrival of spring, many citizens have begun to pay attention to spring health . On February 27, reporters learned in many supermarkets in the central district of Zaozhuang City that after the temperature rose, the climate became dry, and various health teas took the opportunity to promote, which has won the favor of many citizens.

At 3:00 pm on February 27, at a tea shop in a supermarket on Junshan Road, Zhong District, Zaozhuang, the reporter saw a variety of teas being placed in a prominent position, except for common chrysanthemum tea , jasmine, and osmanthus tea . There are also new scented tea types such as bitter gourd tea, mint leaves, peach blossom tea, and lavender tea. These scented teas are packaged in a transparent bag with a capacity of 100g and a price ranging from 9 yuan to 20 yuan.

"Hearing friends say that this season is a good time to nourish and protect the liver, and when it comes to nourishing the liver, these scented teas have very good effects." Ms. Li, who lives in Apple Garden, Zhong District, said that although she knows that scented tea is good Things are good for the body, but she can't tell the specific benefits. "I see that my friends drink this and follow it. Anyway, drinking more of this good stuff is not bad for the body." Ms. Li said.

The reporter then came to a supermarket in Zhenxing Road, Shizhong District, where the reporter also found that the flower tea was selling. "Chrysanthemum tea has the effects of clearing the liver and eyesight, moisturizing, hair care, and beauty. Honeysuckle tea can clear heat and detoxify, rose tea can stimulate blood circulation and regulate menstruation, and other flower teas are not clear to me." Supermarket sales staff said that it is spring For example, scented teas with liver-clearing, biliary, spleen and soothing effects are the most popular.

"We generally give consumers some health knowledge, but in the final analysis, we are now learning and selling. We don't know much about flower tea. We only know which flower tea is better for which people, and how to drink and how much We are not very clear, "said a salesperson at a supermarket in Jiefang Road, Shizhong District.

Director Gao of the Municipal Sanyuan Community Health Center said that scented tea does have a certain health function, but because each kind of scented tea has different effects, consumers also have to differ when buying. "Some consumers like to mix various kinds of scented tea and think that it can be beneficial to multiple parts of the body. In fact, this is a wrong perception. If the mix is not reasonable, it will not play the role of scented tea itself." Director Gao said .

Director Gao told reporters that before drinking tea, it is best to ask Chinese medicine to understand its efficacy and precautions, so that you can drink healthier. For example, although chrysanthemum tea can dispel the fire, it is cold, and people with a bad stomach cannot drink more; people with a cold constitution can drink rose tea, peach tea, etc., which are especially suitable for women. And people like insomnia, tachycardia, people with poor kidney function are not suitable for drinking tea, and pregnant women drinking tea will affect fetal movement. In addition, patients with chronic diseases should pay attention to choosing light tea when drinking tea. In addition, Director Gao also suggested that although the tea is good, the time for drinking tea should not be too long, it is best not to spend more than one month, otherwise the opposite effect will occur.

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