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There are many benefits to women drinking tea, but they need to drink to keep in good health!

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Tea has become an indispensable drink in people's lives. Tea is not only good for cardiovascular health, but also prevents and delays aging. Even if it is aimed at delaying aging and reducing fat, many women start drinking tea. Although the benefits of drinking tea are many, you must drink it right.

Choose tea by season to be healthy

① Drink more green tea in spring and summer. It is suitable to drink Xinyang Maojian and Biluochun in spring . Both types of green tea have a hair-generating effect and can alleviate spring difficulties;

② Drinking green tea in summer can clear away heat and detoxify and lower blood lipids.

Green tea is the best drink in autumn. Oolong tea is between green tea and black tea . It has a mild tea nature and is not cold and warm.

Black tea is most suitable for drinking in winter, especially cooked puer tea , which is mild in nature and most suitable for drinking in winter. In winter, the cold air is heavy and the Yang Qi is closed. Cooked Pu'er can heat and warm the stomach.

In addition, Pu'er tea also has a certain weight control effect. Use low-calorie Pu'er tea instead of daily sweet drinks to control calorie intake.

Women drink tea to be physically

Chinese tea is divided into six categories: green tea, black tea, yellow tea , white tea , green tea, and black tea. The 6 major teas have different tea properties and have different effects on the human body.

① Black tea is warm, suitable for people with cold stomach, cold hands and feet, frailty, and older people.

② Green tea is cold, suitable for people with hot physique, hot stomach, and energetic people. Green tea has a good anti-radiation effect and is very suitable for people who often work in front of a computer.

③ Yellow tea is cold and its effect is similar to green tea.

④ White tea is cool in nature, and is suitable for people who are similar to green tea. However, "the old tea of green tea is grass, and the old tea of white tea is treasure."

⑤ Green tea (oolong tea) is flat and suitable for the widest population.

⑥ Black tea (Pu'er tea) is warm in nature and can remove greasy, detoxify and lower blood fat. Drink it after proper storage, which has better taste and curative effect.

Three cups of tea a day is most appropriate

People drink 3 cups of tea a day. The first cup is morning tea, which is suitable for drinking from 9 to 10 o'clock after breakfast. It can play a role in refreshing, detoxification and anti-fatigue.

The second cup is afternoon tea, which is best served at lunch or after 1 to 3 pm. Afternoon tea can be thickened appropriately. Green tea has health functions such as anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals, and anti-virus. It is most suitable.

The third cup is evening tea, which is suitable for drinking from 6 to 7 after dinner. Black tea has the effect of lowering blood fat and helping digestion, and is the best choice for evening tea.

Drink tea 1 hour after a meal

When drinking green tea, it is best to drink it immediately. If the temperature is too high or the time is too long, the tea soup will turn yellow and the aroma will evaporate. Even if you drink it now, wait until the water temperature is not hot before drinking.

It is best to drink tea half an hour to one hour after a meal. Drinking tea directly after a meal can prevent the body from absorbing iron and protein. Drink less tea before going to bed to avoid insomnia. Don't chew tea residue after drinking tea, it may contain trace amounts of heavy metal elements such as lead, cadmium and insoluble water-based pesticides, which has potential risks.

Tea has a lot of benefits to the human body, but you should not drink too much. Drinking tea properly can be based on the tea drinking method above. Drinking tea is more healthy , especially for female friends. Never drink tea indiscriminately for weight loss.

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