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Tell your friends the best time to drink tea every day

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As we all know, drinking tea is good for health, especially if you stick to it for a long time. The key to health with tea is to master the best time to drink tea. Drinking the right tea at the right time can achieve more results with less effort.

What is the best tea time?

Morning tea

After drinking tea in the morning, after a whole night's rest, the human body consumes a lot of water and the blood concentration increases. Drinking a cup of light tea can not only quickly replenish the body's water, clean up the stomach, but also reduce blood pressure. Thinning blood is good for health and can also prevent and treat constipation. But be careful, do not drink strong tea when drinking tea in the morning, it is lighter than when drinking tea daily.

What tea to drink in the morning

It is better to drink black tea in the morning, because black tea can promote blood circulation in the body, and at the same time it can eliminate the cold in the body, so that the blood supply to the brain is sufficient. Drink a cup of black tea after breakfast every day, or drink with milk. It should be noted that tea in the morning must be consumed after breakfast, because tea contains caffeine. If you drink it on an empty stomach, the stomach will absorb too much caffeine, which will cause symptoms such as panic and frequent urination.

Afternoon tea

Drinking tea around 3:00 pm. Drinking tea at this time can play a conditioning role on the human body, enhance the body's resistance, and prevent colds. At this time, drinking tea is the most important day, commonly known as afternoon tea. For some "three high" people, if they insist on drinking afternoon tea, they can achieve the effects that drugs cannot achieve.

What tea to drink in the afternoon

Finally, drink green tea or green tea in the afternoon. Under normal circumstances, the human body has a strong liver fire at noon. Drinking green tea or green tea can alleviate this symptom. Green tea, such as Tieguanyin , is dry and cool. It can clear liver and gall heat and resolve toxins in the liver, and tea is rich in vitamin E, which has the effect of resisting aging.

Green tea enters the kidney meridian, which helps water to remove turbidity and urinate more smoothly. Tea polyphenols in green tea are also the most abundant, and their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects are obvious.

Drink tea at night

Drink tea around 8:30 in the evening. Many people have misunderstandings about drinking tea at night, afraid of affecting sleep. In fact, otherwise, this time is the most active time of the human immune system. If you can drink a cup of tea, the human body will easily repair and restore the immune system, rebuild cells, etc.

But do not drink green tea, because green tea is non-fermented tea, it has a certain stimulus to the human body. You can choose to drink black tea , especially cooked Pu'er. The cooked Pu'er is pure and warm, and will not affect the normal sleep of the human body. And drinking black tea after dinner can help break down the accumulated fat, which both warms the stomach and helps digestion.

Some people say that drinking tea is not about water, but about the taste. After a long time, even drinking is not the taste of tea, but the taste of heart and life. Different seasons or different times of the day correspond to different teas, like extremely cold or warm time in life. The difference is that the plain time in life is the majority, but when you calm down, there is always a taste in tea.

Drinking tea requires careful attention to each type of tea. Like a person with a destiny, no matter whether he is high or low, he can find something that he admires. To drink tea, you need to talk to tea without perfunctory. Like a friend, after you know all his experiences, you can understand his uniqueness and how to get along with him.

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