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What tea should I drink in spring, summer, autumn and winter?

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As an indispensable drink commonly used by Chinese people, tea has its unshakable status. Some people even use tea to replace water throughout the year, and tea does not leave the mouth.

People should drink tea all year round, but the choice of tea leaves changes with the seasons. Although most teas have the effect of lowering fat and blood pressure, it is better for people to taste tea according to the season and choose tea according to their own conditions so as to achieve the best fitness effect.

1 Best for tea in spring

The spring breeze recovers and yang develops. People generally feel sleepy and weak, manifested as "spring sleepiness". The scented tea is sweet and aromatic, which is conducive to the winter cold evil that is distributed in the human body, promotes the development of yang qi in the body, is refreshing and refreshing, and can make the "spring sleepy" self-extinguishing.

Because chrysanthemum is cold, people with weak body, spleen, cold stomach, and easy diarrhea should not drink it. In general, chrysanthemum tea is most suitable for people with dizziness, brain swelling, red eyes, sore throat, sore throat, liver fire, and high blood pressure.

Brewing method: Select a transparent glass lid cup, take 3 grams of flower tea, put it in the cup, and brew with boiling water slightly cool to about 90 ℃, then cover the lid to prevent the aroma from losing. After two or three minutes, you can drink.

2 Drink green tea in summer

The summer is hot and the sun is like fire, and people are sweating like rain. People consume a lot of energy and lose energy. Green tea belongs to unfermented tea, which is cold in nature, and "cold can clear heat".

Brewing method: Directly take 90 ℃ boiling water, high-grade green tea and delicate famous tea, the buds and leaves are delicate, and the aroma is mostly a low-boiling clear fragrance. It can be brewed with boiling water at 80 ℃. Cup lid, so as not to generate hot and suffocating, affecting the freshness of tea soup

3 Go to Qiuzao and drink green tea

The autumn wind is refreshing, the sky is high, the clouds are light, the golden wind is bleak, and the flowers and trees are withered. Due to the dry climate, people have dry mouth and dry lips, which are called "autumn dryness" by Chinese medicine. At this time, green tea should be drunk. Green tea can moisturize the skin, soothe the throat, regenerate hydration, and remove the accumulated heat in the body, so that the body can adapt to the changes in the natural environment.

Brewing method: Take boiling water at 100 ℃, and pour the tea in the teapot into the teacup for a short time after brewing.

4 Drink black tea to warm your belly and drink more in winter

Drinking black tea in winter, freezing in the cold, all things dormant, cold evil strikes people, and the yang becomes weak. Black tea is sweet and warm, which can support human yang; black tea is rich in protein and sugar, heats and warms the abdomen, enhances the body's cold resistance, and can also help digestion and remove greasy.

Brewing method: It should be brewed with freshly boiled water, and put on the lid to prevent the release of fragrance. The British generally have the habit of drinking "afternoon tea". They often mix Dian Hong and Indian black tea, and drink with milk and sugar. In some parts of our country, there is also the habit of drinking black tea with sugar, milk and sesame.

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