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How to better prevent tea aging?

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How to better prevent the aging of tea ? Tea should pay attention to prevent aging. Once the aging of the tea appears, the taste will be greatly reduced. So, what can we do to prevent the aging of tea? Let's learn more about it below. a bit.

1. The water content of tea is controlled, and the safe moisture limit of tea is below 5%. If the crude tea is dried once at a high temperature for a short time, it may not be easy to achieve full and full drying. Therefore, it is ideal to use a two-stage drying. The freshly dried tea has a high leaf temperature and needs to be left to cool before being bagged. However, it should not be exposed to the space for too long during this time of cold to avoid moisture absorption and resurgence. Bake again to ensure that the moisture content is less than 5%.

2. Avoid light. Experiments show that light is the most intense and rapid factor that leads to the deterioration of tea quality, so freshly made tea needs to avoid light from the beginning of refining to the completion of packaging. Also, at present tea makers and tea farmers are used to using transparent plastic bags (PE) to temporarily package tea leaves, which should also be avoided as much as possible.

3. Low temperature storage. Up to now, the use of low-temperature preservation of tea leaves has been recognized as the most effective method to maintain the original quality of tea leaves. Regardless of color, aroma and taste, the best quality can be maintained under low-temperature storage, especially the freshness of tea leaves. Theoretically, the lower the temperature of low-temperature storage, the better the preservation effect, and the longer the shelf life, but from an economic point of view, the temperature should be kept at 0 ~ 5 ℃ is the best.

4. Anaerobic packaging. Oxygen is omnipresent. More than 20% of the atmosphere is oxygen. The presence of oxygen is closely related to the "aging", "oil consumption", deterioration of color, and weakening of flavour activity after the finished tea is stored. At present, vacuum packaging, nitrogen-filled packaging, and deoxidizer packaging are effective ways to solve the storage oxidation of tea; generally, the deoxidizers suitable for tea are the slow-acting deoxidizers of inorganic compound series. Deoxidizer packaging requires good resistance to packaging materials. Gas, aluminum foil bags commonly used in tea currently meet packaging requirements.

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