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Efficacy and precautions of mint leaf tea

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The efficacy and precautions of mint leaf tea, the efficacy and role of mint leaf. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mint-like cool taste is sweet and belongs to the lung and liver meridians. When work is stressful, people are prone to symptoms of liver qi depression such as irritability, irritability, insomnia, etc. Eating peppermint can respond to the rise of spring hair, and promote metabolism, relieve stress, clear away heat, relieve appetite, increase appetite and help digestion .

Nutritionists believe that peppermint mainly contains volatile oil, and the main ingredients in the oil are menthol, menthol, menthol, menthol, zestene, limonene, etc., which has the effect of dispelling wind and dissipating heat, removing odor and detoxification. Unique aroma, gargle or drink mint tea, not only can keep teeth and cheeks fresh, breath fresh, but also eliminate gum swelling and pain.

Effects of mint leaf tea

In addition to fatigue and drowsiness, you can also try mint when your body has snoring, cough, headache, cold, flu, nausea, vomiting, sore throat and indigestion. There are also many ways to eat mint, and its cool and slightly spicy taste is very suitable for making beverages.

Efficacy and precautions of mint leaf tea

For headaches and throat discomfort, you can make a cup of mint rose tea. Fresh mint leaves are also often used to make fruit juices. Put the right amount of mint leaves and ice grains in the stirred fruit juice, such as mint lemonade, mint orange juice, etc., to refresh the ice, refreshing and refreshing. It should be noted that peppermint is light and sweaty, and it is easy to consume aerobic gas after eating. It is not suitable for those who are physically weak and sweat easily after pregnancy and pregnant women.

Notes on mint leaf tea

Now is the season for fitness. After sweating, you will feel hot and thirsty. At this time, a cup of water is the best thing, and mint water is the best choice. Mint water has a cool and refreshing feeling. A small amount of mint water can bring a large glass of water to eliminate thirst. In traditional Chinese medicine, peppermint is a cool-type antipyretic medicine, which has the effect of cooling wind and dissipating heat. Drinking peppermint water after exercise can also help the body accelerate metabolism and eliminate waste and toxins.

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