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Xiaoqinggan National Wechat Agent

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industry Tea marketer position Tea marketer
Recruiting Department marketing Recruitment 10 people
Work area Shijiazhuang, Hebei Nature of the work part time
Gender requirements Unlimited Marriage requirements Unlimited
Academic requirements Unlimited work experience More than 2 years
age requirement 18 years and over Treatment level 5000-20000 yuan / month
Updated 2017-10-21 Valid until long term effective
description of job
With the rapid pace of social development and increasing pressure on life, many people are no longer satisfied with just the working class, and they are thinking hard to hope that they can learn more about entrepreneurial ideas, the entrepreneurial sector, and entrepreneurship with the help of open information channels. Ideas, etc., combined with the actual situation, Yunnan Xishuangbanna Shunsheng Tea Industry, in order to actively respond to the country's call for "mass entrepreneurship, innovation," in order to enable more people to have the opportunity to become the leader, leader, and pioneer of social forces , We hereby introduce the following cooperation methods. If you are willing to participate in our entrepreneurial dreams, please read the specific sections below carefully.

I. Wechat Group

You don't have to check in, you don't have to work overtime, you don't have to catch a bus, you don't have to attend various annoying meetings, you can sleep awake naturally, and you can get a salary. This is the life of a micro-business. A mobile phone and several products can only be sent to a circle of friends every day, calculating the price difference of the product, taking pleasure in small profits, and nothing more.

As an individual quotient, calm down and think about the future development, life direction, career achievement, social responsibility, etc., except for the small, it is nonsense, because I am only a quotient.

Two, young people who drift north

The young people after the 85 years, the big cities bring us opportunities to realize dreams and chase dreams. We cherish and be grateful, but we must survive, live, and raise baby ...

There are all kinds of helplessness, with the passion of starting a business, drowning in the crowd of nine to five, day after day, year after year, still living a migrant life in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangbo. When the proposal is passed by the boss and suppressed by the superior for a long time, the idea of Party A that runs counter to oneself is executed ... the fire of our dreams, the dream of entrepreneurship, because there is no like-minded person, and a platform that creates benefits for the audience And dying.

Housewives and Baoma

How many of Baoma's prestigious college graduates in life have been a leader in the workplace. Since the birth of Angel Baby, in order to take care of and educate children, her husband can work with peace of mind, but only at the expense of herself, temporarily stranded her career dreams. However, Luo Zijun in "The First Half of My Life", because of long-term derailment from the workplace, the final evaluation given by her husband was "do not want to work, and do nothing well." Facing such a reality, can you still feel relieved to take your baby into consideration without thinking about your future?

Fourth, the maker family and young people who have just stepped out of the campus with dreams

In 2015, Premier Li Keqiang proposed in the government work report: "Mass entrepreneurship, innovation by all people." Encourage college students to start a business, and Wang Ruixu, a representative of college students, was invited by Premier Li Keqiang to come face-to-face in Zhongnanhai. The post-90s dolls have found their life direction and dreams set sail. What are we waiting for?

Friends, if you still have the passion for entrepreneurship, a career tinder, and a life attitude that is uneasy about the status quo, then you are lucky to encounter Shun Shenghao. Shun Sheng must be the like-minded platform you are looking for.


Shun Shenghao will enlighten your entrepreneurial dream and master the future of life for you!


Before becoming a Sunshine Venture Partner to work with us, you need to understand Sunsun.

Shunsheng was born in the beautiful and magical Xishuangbanna. We are a group of people from the north and the west. With the original intention of escaping from the crowded, haze, fast-paced and unscrupulous urban life, we are more eager to spend mediocre life , Our group of people who know tea, love tea, and associate with tea, came to Xishuangbanna, the birthplace of Pu'er tea. After everyone's dedication, we have our own physical store in Jinghong, Xishuangbanna and our tea factory in Erhai. The dream has just begun, and the career is gradually on the right track.

"Everyone's happiness and benefit sharing" was our initial goal, but under the influence of Chairman Xi's "Belt and Road", the seeds of "creating a good audience and spreading well-being" took root in the hearts of every Shunsheng person. In the Shun Sheng group, everyone has different experiences. This group of people with stories cherish their friendship and know more about communion and sharing.

In my life, we must try our best to have sustainable income. Any unsustainable income that does not see hope is not worth envy. Becoming a partner of Shun Shenghao is still a WeChat, but Shunshang gives you a systematic life plan, from Weishang to physical stores to distribution and agency, every step is reliable.

Shunsheng flagship product ---- Kumquat Family


The high-end quality of the Kumquat family created by Shunsheng is divided into four categories, namely: Kumquat King, Kumquat Queen, Kumquat Prince, and Kumquat Princess. Our raw materials are selected from the mandarins in the core production area of Xinhui, Guangdong, and Pu'er ripe tea in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan. Xinhui's mandarins, especially Chenpi, have the same origin of medicine and food. It was verified by Guangchen mandarin farmers in a long history of seed value. Its unique quality is popular in the Ming and Qing dynasties and is listed as a "tribute" every year. Tribute. "Xinhui Citrus" is a national geographical indication product, and its peel has been aged to become the famous "Xinhui Citrus". Yunnan Pu'er mature tea is a specific geographical area in Yunnan. It uses large-leaf seed sun-green tea and raw materials to make mature tea with a unique fermentation process. It has stomach warming, weight loss, lipid-lowering, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, blood pressure, resistance Aging, hypoglycemic, bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory, anti-radiation, exciting the central nervous system, diuretic, eyesight, help digestion, prevent constipation and other effects. The perfect "combination" of the two, whether in winter or summer, or in spring and autumn, can be enjoyed by men, women, young and old, physically and mentally. And in the process of Chen Fang's "growth", its efficacy and value are even higher.

Shunsheng Tea has its own processing plant in the Xinhui core production area of Guangdong, and has its own Pu'er tea garden and production base in Xishuangbanna, the core production area of Pu'er tea. It strictly controls quality and pursues high-quality products. The eternal pursuit of man. At this stage, in order to bring the Shunsheng Kumquat family to the market in large numbers, according to the development trend of the times, combined with the Internet + sales model, the Internet links all people with entrepreneurial dreams, no matter what job, status, and economic level. Make money and have a dream of starting a business, you can sell Shunsheng products.

Join Shun Shenghao --- entrepreneurship joining mechanism


Venture Fund Account: Since the date of signing the Shun Shenghao Venture Joining Contract and becoming a Shun Shenghao Venture Partner, Shunshenghao establishes a personal venture fund account for you. The purchase amount is between 30,000-200,000 yuan (including 200,000) and enjoys 3% of the fund accumulation; the purchase amount is between 200,000-1 million yuan (including 1 million) and enjoys 5% of fund accumulation; the purchase amount Between 1 million and 2 million yuan (including 2 million), enjoy 6% of fund accumulation; purchases between 2 million and 3 million (including 3 million), enjoy 7% of fund accumulation. All fund accumulation will be deposited into a personal entrepreneurial fund account, we will have a dedicated person to manage and report your personal entrepreneurial fund accumulation situation every quarter.

When the total purchase amount reaches 3 million yuan, Shun Shenghao will make up 300,000 yuan at a time and give 300,000 yuan worth of physical stores. A special person from Shunsheng will arrive in your city to help you with site selection, decoration, and design. From then on, you will have a Shunsheng physical store in your city and have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of platform sharing and second-generation support. (If you stop halfway and don't reach the purchase amount of 3 million, all venture funds will be reset to zero)

From Weishang to physical stores, follow the Shun Sheng number to let you see hope. A starting point for micro-business, casting the future of the next generation!


From the date of owning the Shunsheng store, the urban franchise stores that have been operating for more than 5 years and have outstanding operating benefits can enjoy the same treatment as Shunsheng store employees. For example, if your franchise store has been in your province for three consecutive years If you win the sales title above, then you will have priority to enjoy the equity of Shun Shenghao Enterprise and become a shareholder of Shun Shenghao Enterprise.

The key to the long-term development of an enterprise lies in the talent reserve. Shunshenghao attaches great importance to talents and is more eager to train talents. The next generation of corporate employees and the children of franchised stores are the children of Shunshenghao. Generation is responsibility and mission, so companies are willing to invest and support. Children in urban franchise stores that have been with the company for more than 5 years and have outstanding operating benefits will have the opportunity to enjoy the Shunsheng Education Program (that is, to support their children to study abroad). , Or support the development of the company.

Join the advantage of Shun Shenghao, you are not alone in your struggle, there is a strong team behind you to help support you, one that can promote your WeChat as your own WeChat, and your store as your own The strong backing force of the store to operate and manage, because you and Shunsheng, Shunsheng and you, we are a community of destiny.


平台共享:从微商到实体店铺,成为您所在城市的顺升号专营店拥有者后,对于伴随顺升号一同发展5年以上,且经营效益突出的城市专营店,可有机会享受顺升号企业员工的同等待遇,或可以优先享有顺升号企业的入股权,成为顺升号企业的股东。 Advantages 1. Platform sharing: From Weishang to physical stores, after becoming the owner of the Shunsheng store in your city, you can have the opportunity for the urban franchise store that has developed with Shunsheng for more than 5 years and has outstanding operating benefits. Enjoy the same treatment as the employees of Shunsheng No., or they can preferentially enjoy the equity of Shunsheng No., and become shareholders of Shunsheng No.
二代扶持:对于伴随企业一同发展5年以上且经营效益突出的城市专营店,其子女将有机会享有顺升号优学工程(即扶持子女出国留学,或支持他们伴随顺升号企业一同发展。 Advantage 2. Second-generation support: For urban franchise stores that have been developing with the company for more than 5 years and have outstanding operating benefits, their children will have the opportunity to enjoy the Shunsheng Number Excellent Project (that is, to support their children to study abroad or support them with the Shunsheng Number Businesses grow together.

零投资、零风险、零库存、零成本创业。 Advantage 3. Zero investment, zero risk, zero inventory, zero cost entrepreneurship.

厂家提供一站式服务,您销售,我服务,省去您的进货成本,省去您的库房储存,省去您的人员管理费用,您需要做的就是赚钱开店、开店赚钱。 Advantages 4. Manufacturers provide one-stop service, you sell, I service, save your purchase cost, save your coffers storage, save your personnel management costs, all you need to do is to make money to open a shop, open a shop to make money.

互联网+经济分享的时代,微商加盟是势不可挡的必然趋势。 Advantage 5. In the era of Internet + economic sharing, it is an inevitable trend for micro-businesses to join.

利润空间大,双重收益,进货、发货赚差价和顺升号创业基金储备。 Advantage 6. Large profit margin, double income, purchase and delivery earns the difference and Shun Sheng Venture Fund reserve.

产品适用群体广泛,个人、茶店、茶楼、休闲旅游场所等。 Advantage 7. The product is applicable to a wide range of individuals, individuals, tea shops, tea houses, leisure and tourism places.

创业形式适合所有人,在校学生、职场白领、家庭主妇、退休人员等等。 Advantage 8. The form of entrepreneurship is suitable for everyone, including school students, white-collar workers in the workplace, housewives, retirees and so on.


To join the Shun Sheng number, you must meet the following criteria

1. You must be a person who loves the motherland and seeks truth from facts.

2. You must agree with the corporate culture of Shun Shenghao and understand the profound meaning of creating a good audience and spreading well-being.

3. You must be a person with a right heart, body, and positive energy at all times.

4. In the face of difficulties, you must do everything you can to make every effort, even if you fail.

5. You must be a person with ideals and inspiration to bring a good life to your family.

6. You must not violate the original intention of the development of Shunsheng, because Shunsheng is a ship, and we are on board.

7. You can't be lazy, the King is glorified all day, because the plaything is lost.

8. You can't stay up all night, because the body is the capital of revolution, and health is the most important.

If you can recognize the significance and value of the development of Sunshine, and are willing to work together to pursue a dream together, then please sign your name and join Sunshine voluntarily. This is a career with a future. You are not struggling alone. Shun Shenghao will always be your solid backing. Similarly, the corporate culture of happiness and benefit sharing for all members of Shun Shenghao will benefit every outstanding city franchise store. And dream partner!

The only requirement of Shunsheng Number is that you must abide by the laws and regulations, do not violate the laws and regulations of the country, and take good care of the happy entrepreneurship platform provided by the company, and never do anything that harms the platform at any time.

Shun Shenghao looks forward to having you, to build a future with us!

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Company Profile
Xishuangbanna Shunsheng Tea Co., Ltd. is located in the magical and beautiful tropical rain forest of Xishuangbanna. Our group of people who love tea, know tea, and learn tea are invariably staying together. We meditately research and develop, carefully produce and sell authentic Pu'er tea that is unforgettable. We use the simplest heart to create Shunsheng high-end Pu'er tea.

The five thousand years of Chinese tea and cultural treasures, especially the formation of the ancient tea-horse road, have made Pu'er tea famous all over the world. With the continuous development of modern technology, the traditional Pu'er tea stone grinding tea process has gradually lost its heritage. At the same time, the original mellow taste of Pu'er tea has been lost, and the original flavor of Pu'er tea has been lost.

Shun Shenghao keeps the original flavor of Pu'er tea. In the process of making tea, all the methods of picking, withering, killing greens, rolling, drying, making cakes and packaging are purely handmade by ancient methods. The inheritance has continued the mellowness of Pu'er Tea Soup. Let those who understand tea and love tea can truly taste the distinctive delicious flavor of Pu'er tea.

Character is tea, and tea is character. With the understanding and understanding of Pu'er tea, Shunsheng people walked into thousands of villages and villages regardless of difficulties and obstacles, and walked through the old forests of mountains, just to trace Pu'er tea's thousands of years of growth and the tea making process passed down from generation to generation.

We always make every bit of Pu'er tea with the spirit of craftsman at all times, just to show you our confidence and quality in developing high-end tea. We hope to be at the source of Pu'er tea, and get to know more of you who are interested and interested. Let us join hands to contribute to the inheritance and promotion of Chinese Pu'er tea culture and contribute our sincere love.

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