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Domestic salesman

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industry Tea marketer position Tea marketer
Recruiting Department marketing Recruitment 4 people
Work area Foshan City, Guangdong Nature of the work full time
Gender requirements Men Marriage requirements Unlimited
Academic requirements Undergraduate work experience More than 1 year
age requirement 23-26 years old Treatment level 3500-5000 yuan / month
Updated 2017-03-31 Valid until 2017-08-08 [Expired]
description of job
1. College degree or above;
2. Outstanding graduates in marketing, business management, mechanical and electrical, and automation majors can be trained;
3. Hard working, honest and pragmatic, with good expression and communication skills, and teamwork spirit;
4, can adapt to short-term business trips in domestic regions;
5. Once the position is accepted, it will provide perfect on-the-job training and on-the-job training, which has broad career development space.
Job Responsibilities:
1. Development of new customers in the domestic market and integration of sales channels in the regional market;
2. Regional market management, the formulation and implementation of regional market sales targets;
3. Customer communication, maintenance and market information collection feedback;
4. Product quality information feedback, customer investment tracking and feedback;
5. Analysis of the competitive advantages and disadvantages of the company's products and the analysis of competitors in the same industry, and understand the competitive price system;
6. Collection and maintenance management of customer files.

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Company Profile
Glad Group was founded in 1996. It has 6 branches and is a modern group company integrating design, research and development, production and sales. The group's products are mainly electric kettles and thermostats. It is one of the major manufacturers of electric kettles and thermostats in China.
  In 2003, Glyde officially entered the small home appliance industry and registered the Glyde brand in the same year. Glad has a production base in Foshan, Guangdong and a large production base in Huai'an, Jiangsu. It is one of the few professional electric kettle manufacturers in the world that integrates temperature controllers, heating plates, connectors, power cords and internal wiring. There are more than 5,000 domestic sales outlets, and electric kettles are exported to more than 50 countries and regions including Russia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.
  Foshan Gelaide Small Appliance Co., Ltd. is Gelaide's South China production base. It is located in Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, near the beautiful Xianhu Scenic Area and Kang Youwei's Former Residence. It is only about 20 kilometers from Guangzhou. , Convenient transportation, market prosperity, prosperity of all industries. The company adheres to the "people-oriented technology" philosophy, has first-class technical management talents, and conducts a large number of project training: such as: ISO9001, FEMA, QFD, 6SK, Six Sigma, ERP, IE engineering, etc., providing a good platform for personal skills improvement.
  Do you need a good working atmosphere and platform? Do you need broad development space to lay the foundation for your personal career? Do you need fair and equitable promotion channels? —— Gladcom welcomes you to join us and grow with us.

Glide's nine "priorities":
2004: Priority development of double-layer anti-scald fast electric kettle in China.
2006: Priority to develop fast electric kettle with PTC insulation function in China.
2008: Priority development of electric kettle with insulation tea set in China.
2009: Become the hotel kettle field, ** leading edge.
2012: Became the first domestic brand to launch free replacement of new machines with quality problems for one year.
2012: Domestic priority development of simple electric kettle with temperature display.
2012: Priority development of double-layer glass fast electric kettle in China.
2013: The priority is given to the development of automatic water-covered glass kettles in China.
2014: Domestic development of intelligent adjustable segmented thermal insulation kettles.

Business philosophy: Based on benevolence, pursue mutual trust and common growth
Management policy: build quality, continuous improvement, brand building, customer satisfaction
System policy: we give, we learn, we are happy
Strategic policy: professional positioning, creating excellent products, continuous innovation
Enterprise internal journal: The enterprise internal journal "Yuanhang" was established in 2011 and has lasted for 6 years. It is an important way to spread business philosophy and corporate culture. The internal journal is issued every six months. All employees of the company are welcome to contribute.

Twelve Codes of Glide Business:
1. Set clear goals and do the right thing;
2. Pay no less than anyone's effort;
3. The most important thing in life is to maintain mental and physical health;
4. The survival of an enterprise depends on the beautiful relationship between people;
5. Taking "Altruistic Heart" as the starting point for thinking;
6. Integrity is based on innovation;
7. Respect and recognize the value of others;
8. Action is the best way to solve problems;
9. Pay attention to customer value starting from every detail;
10. Learning ability is the driving force behind enterprise development;
11. The waste of every penny will increase the cost of customers;
12, the process determines the outcome Details determine the success or failure.

Fangcun Bus Station: Take bus No.205 (Guangzhou-Danzao) → Danzao Bus Station → Take 樵 10 or Dan08 bus and get off at “Xiaoxingcun Village Central Station”
Nanhai Bus Station: Take bus No. 209 (Guicheng-Danzao) → Danzao Bus Station → Take 樵 10 or Dan08 bus and get off at “Xiaoxingcun Village Station”
Zhongshan Park: Take Bus No. 209 (Guicheng-Danzao) → Danzao Bus Station → Take Bus 樵 10 or Dan08 to “Xiaoxingcun Village Station” and get off
Huang Qi: Take bus No. 250 (Huangqi-Danzao) → Danzao Bus Station → take bus No. 10 or Dan 08 to “Xiaoxingcun Village Station” and get off
Dali: Take bus No. 248 (Dali-Danzhao) → Danzao Bus Station → take bus 10 or Dan 08 to “Xiaoxingcun Village Station” and get off
Address: Yinhe Industrial Zone, Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City
Company Website:
Post code: 528216
Contact: Mr. Nong
Contact Tel: 0757-85410758, 18927263003
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