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Xianjia Tea Drink

Enlarge fontReduce font Release date: 2016-05-26 Browse the number: 16537
industry Other Tea Talents position Other Tea Talents
Recruiting Department Recruitment 10 people
Work area Quanzhou City, Fujian Nature of the work full time
Gender requirements Unlimited Marriage requirements Unlimited
Academic requirements Unlimited work experience Unlimited
age requirement 18 years and over Treatment level Negotiable
Updated 2016-05-26 Valid until long term effective
description of job

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Fairy Tea Drinks Recruitment
1. Copywriting planning: Female university, graduated in Chinese, business management, media major, with creative copywriting, news editing, event planning work for more than 2 years.
2. Media planning: Familiar with network, media, online advertising and other planning experience for more than 2 years.
3. Artistic planning: Familiar with company image, product packaging, publicity and other design capabilities, with micro-scene and Illustrate, public account maintenance, MV, MP3 / 4 working experience for more than 2 years.
4. Financial planning: Master degree or above, major in business management, finance, accounting, etc., familiar with finance, funds, securities, venture capital, etc.
2 years experience.
5. Public Relations: Master degree or above, major in Public Relations, Media, Business Management, etc., who is familiar with media, advertising, finance, industry, image, large-scale activities and more than 2 years of experience.
Work location: Jinjia Xianjiacha Office Building
Contact TEL: 15059853390 Human Resources Yao Sheng
QQ: 284976086 WeChat: yhc165493940
Fairy Tea Website:

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Company Profile

Shenzhen Xianjia Tea Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. It is a comprehensive mulberry beverage industry economic entity integrating scientific research, production, sales and service. With the mission of “building the first brand of high-end health tea in China”, The orthodox tea drinking of "Xiandao" in the past dynasties pursues the natural and healthy lifestyle in Chinese Sannong society, using mulberry tea as a device, five internal organs, six limbs, and extremities, with a balance of yin and yang, and a good shape. Law, return to orthodoxy, self-denial and revenge, clear the original, benefit from the essence, follow the principle of nature, follow the path of nature, and grow in spring and summer, fall and winter in winter, and benefit from the gods. From tangible products to intangible brands, build A platform for all sentient beings, realize the joy of Xiandao life, and taste the beauty of Xiandao life.
We have inherited the "xiandao" civilization, which has used tea as a device for thousands of years, to build a high ground of value that spreads the essence of Chinese traditional culture, so that all the people in transition in China can return to the original world of "xiandao life".

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