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Recruitment of Shunsheng dealers and agents

  • Shunsheng Tea Industry : Franchisee
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  • Shunsheng Pu'er Tea : Counter
  • Date : 2017-10-18 10:46
  • Valid until : long-term validity
  • Investment Area : National
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顺升号目前在普洱茶发源地西双版纳拥有自己的茶叶加工工厂及规范化管理的茶叶初制所,秉着“质量先行,润入心田”的品质观念,为把好质量关,顺升号建立了产品质量责任制,确保每一款茶叶可追踪到茶园、制茶人、工厂的质量监管体系。 Quality advantage: Shunsheng currently has its own tea processing factory and standardized tea factory in Xishuangbanna, the birthplace of Pu'er tea. Adhering to the quality concept of “Quality first, infiltrate the hearts of the people”, Shunsheng No. establishes a product quality responsibility system to ensure that each type of tea can be traced to the quality supervision system of tea gardens, tea makers and factories. Inheriting the traditional Chinese ancient tea-making process in the production process, advocating ancient tea-making combined with modern tea-making tools to achieve scientific production and standardized production, and to solve the problem that China's millennium tea cannot be of the same quality;

云南西双版纳傣族自治州景洪市勐海,这里是茶马古道路经之地也是普洱茶源头。 Source advantage: Erhai Lake, Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan. This is the place where the ancient tea-horse road passes and the source of Pu'er tea. Shunsheng tea processing base is located in the ancient tea tree area of Erhai County, which is more than 1500 meters above sea level. The climate here is mild and the rainfall is sufficient. The inconvenience of transportation protects the ecological environment of the natural growth of tea trees, and the scientific management of Shun Shenghao ensures the high quality of Shunsheng's high-end tea raw materials to products;

加盟一个品牌影响最为深远的就是品牌能不能提供长久的可持续的服务,而顺升号是真正把服务和产品当做同样重要的工作来对待的品牌与企业。 Service advantages: The most profound impact of joining a brand is whether the brand can provide long-term sustainable services, and Shun Shenghao is a brand and enterprise that really treats services and products as equally important work. The comprehensive and meticulous service content and the creation of an expert team are all aimed at improving service quality. Through long-term continuous service, each franchisee can truly feel that joining Shunshenghao has not only found a supply channel, but found a A strong partner, a partner who operates your store as his own store, a strong backing force that can be relied on for a long time;

顺升号在做好茶的同时从百年专业制茶的经验出发,将时尚理念融入传统文化,深入挖掘产品内涵认真研究市场变化,细分消费群体。 Product innovation advantages: While making tea, Shunsheng started from a century of professional tea-making experience, integrated fashion concepts into traditional culture, deeply explored product connotations, seriously studied market changes, and segmented consumer groups. Since the establishment of the Shunsheng tea brand, we have adhered to the concept of "first tea in the world", using "original tea" as the raw material, relying on traditional ancient tea to redefine the standard of tea and move towards the industry trend, and expand the capacity of the old Pu'er tea ;

极具竞争力的产品利润,顺升号总部把产品90%的利润让利给所有加盟商,通过店面盈、企业赢的招商格局,将加盟商利润提高到最高。 Profit advantage: With very competitive product profits, the Shun Sheng headquarters will give 90% of the product's profits to all franchisees, and through the storefront profit and business win investment structure, the franchisees' profits will be maximized.

顺升号品牌采用先进的特许经营管理模式,建立省级代理商---市级代理商---专营店---专柜的分级管理体系,便于同顺升号一起发展的合作伙伴其运营更有效率,真正实现对合作商的助力和扶持 Management advantage: Shunshenghao brand adopts advanced franchise management mode, and establishes provincial-level agents --- city-level agents --- franchised stores --- a hierarchical management system of counters , which is convenient for cooperation with Shunshenghao. Partners are more efficient in their operations and truly help and support their partners ;

合同期限内,省级代理商享有整个省的独家代理权利,负有开发市级代理、维护市场秩序和管理分销渠道的义务; Advantages of market protection: During the term of the contract, provincial-level agents enjoy the exclusive agency rights of the entire province, and have the obligation to develop municipal-level agents, maintain market order, and manage distribution channels;

顺升号严格监督执行产品价格体系,规范市场价格,对恶意低价倾销、乱价出售等违背价格秩序的加盟商,根据产生的影响程度,做出降低等级、终止合作等方式处理,并保留追究相应的法律责任的权利; Price system management advantages: Shun Shenghao strictly supervises the implementation of the product price system, regulates the market price, and treats franchisees that violate the price order, such as malicious low-price dumping and disorderly selling, according to the degree of impact, reducing the level, terminating cooperation, etc. To deal with it and reserve the right to pursue corresponding legal liabilities;

顺升号为加盟商提供订制、包销业务支持,为不同的需求者提供私人订制业务; Support for diversified product underwriting customization advantages: Shun Shenghao provides franchisees with customization and underwriting business support, and provides private customization services for different demanders;

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