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Smell of tea, promote Silk Road civilization

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According to historical records, since the Silk Road opened in the Western Han Dynasty, Chinese tea, silk, and porcelain have become the main trade items shipped to Western Asia, and tea culture has become a bond that connects peace, friendship, and cooperation at home and abroad. The popularity and spread of Huzhou tea culture benefited from the help of the Silk Road; the prosperity of the Silk Road was inseparable from the export of tea. In order to understand the history of tea spreading the world along the Silk Road, on July 7, Huzhou Teachers College “One Belt, One Road, One Practice, Win-win and Win-win Development” summer social practice delegation went to the Lu Yu Tea Culture Museum for a visit and study.

The Lu Yu Tea Culture Museum was officially opened on June 17. It is another masterpiece after the Huzhou Silk Culture Museum and the Huzhou Culture Museum. Its establishment is conducive to the construction of business cards with Huzhou's unique culture. The team went to the Luyu Tea Culture Museum, and visited the north and south halls of the Luyu Tea Museum in an orderly manner. They deeply learned the story of the Tang Dynasty tea saint Lu Yu's retreat in Huzhou and his "Book of Tea". At the same time, the team members picked up to the second floor, drank a cup of strong tea in the six tea experience areas, and felt the charm of Huzhou tea culture. When college students asked how to associate tea culture with the “Belt and Road”, the relevant person in charge said that Huzhou tea culture “using tea as a medium and tea party friends” has become a bridge to connect the world, and the tea trade is more prosperous and easy to connect. Countries along the route will increase trade and promote the construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative.

The “Belt and Road” initiative is a new wave of international tea culture dissemination, and tea e-commerce and tea culture are introduced into the “Belt and Road” development. As a pioneer of the times, college student party members have the courage and determination, and they should also take up their responsibilities, adhere to the culture first, use actual professional knowledge to establish a high degree of consciousness of the culture and lead the economy, and promote the Silk Road civilization!

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"One Belt, One Road", one practice, mutual prosperity, win-win and common development summer social practice team

Correspondent: Zhu Xiujian, Shen Liying, Wu Jie, Chen Yong

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