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Zhao Kuangyin's "abandonment and withdrawal of tea" just to stand up in front of Wen Chen?

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Tea began to flourish in the Tang Dynasty and reached its peak in the Song Dynasty. It not only became a "necessity" for hospitality, but also developed into a broad and profound culture. The promoter was Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin.

In February 960, Zhao Kuangyin, a "yellow robe with his body," summoned prime minister Fan Zhi and other political affairs. At the beginning of the call, a seat was given to give tea, and "sit and talk" with it. As soon as Fan Zhi finished his salute, Zhao Kuangyin said, "I have been dazzled recently and can't see things clearly. I beg you to ask Ai Qing to take the memorial to You." Fan Zhi stepped forward to give the vacancies, and the already-served housekeeper took The Prime Minister's seat and tea were all removed. Fan Zhi turned to sit, and found that the seat and tea were missing, so she had to stand and talk. Since then, the ministers can no longer sit on par with the emperor to discuss politics.

For Song Taizu's actions, for the ministers, the emperor's tea-giving ceremony was a glory, for his face. In this way, getting the tea from the emperor became the coveted dream of the minister. The emperor wanted this effect, so "Chat Tea" became a coup for the courtier.

The emperor gave tea, ministers shared tea, literati chanted tea, and the habit of drinking tea pervaded the Song dynasty. As a result, a series of tea-related customs evolved. The fourth volume of Song Lin's "Ancient and Modern Origins to the Continuum" states: "I am from the dynasty to my dynasty, and it is often equal to the salt and the profit. The guests and the host make a ceremony, and they do not pay without tea." Holding a bowl of tea. As for the rules of drinking tea, Song Zhuxi ’s "Pingzhou Ketan" Volume 1 "Tea Soup Vulgarity" states clearly: "In this world, the common folks go to tea and go to soup. The soup is taken from the licorice or warm. It ’s cool, there ’s no one who does n’t use licorice, this custom is common all over the world. ”In the Song Dynasty, guests were welcomed to drink tea, and served to drink soup made with licorice, which was called“ point soup to send customers ”. This custom continued to the end of the Yuan Dynasty. After the Qing dynasty, tea drinks replaced the herbal medicine soup, and when the guests were delivered, the tea cups were sufficient. From "Beijing Youth Daily"

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