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Tea tasting is more about patience

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Rousseau once said: The people who live the most meaningful life are not those who are the oldest, but those who have the most feelings about life.

The same goes for tea . The more thoroughly we taste a cup of tea, the better we can understand it.

Tea maker

What makes people truly feel the taste of such tea is these utensils set for tea.

Speaking of which, whether it is the twenty-eight tea wares created by Lu Yu in the Tang Dynasty, or the twelve kinds of tea wares for the elderly in the Song Dynasty, or the modern tea mats include more than ten kinds of tea wares such as water boilers, tea makers and tasting cups, The different texture shapes, and their connection to each other, have hidden mysterious symbols.

The experienced tea drinker is a symbol decipherer. From the relationship between the pot and the cup, slowly draw out in his heart the character and taste of the tea.

The choice of tea utensils is a reaction to the tea maker. The tea maker's choice of utensils is considered from the tea to be brewed, the brewing method used, and the influence of the factors such as season and hour on the tea. Presenting a seat of tea.

Tea sound

Beginning with the lighting of a fuel bamboo, in the wind of the goose feather fan, the flame of the fuel bamboo rises from the bottom with a ray of white smoke, and the longan charcoal begins to burst, making people expect.

Until there was a sizzling sound in the charcoal stove, the flames sturdyly surrounded the gradually whitening charcoal blocks.

The ground water in the pot started to sing, which is the sound of the so-called "pine wind".

Injecting water into the temperature pot, pouring tea into the pot, pouring soup into the cup, the sound of the water splashing and the collision of the utensils, if you calm down, you will hear a completely different mood on the tea table, faint and subtle, but it makes people clearly explore Nothing to hide.


The ancients were most straightforward about tea tasting.

"Drinking tea is less expensive than customers, while others are noisy, and noisy is uninteresting. There is only one who is quiet, the second one is winning, the third or fourth is interesting, the fifth or sixth is pan ..."

If you think about it, the deep meaning is not to judge the difference between elegant and vulgar tea simply by the number of people in the form. Avoiding the noisy hustle and bustle and returning to the inner peace and lightness is the original intention of drinking tea.

A cup of tea is not easy.

From the beginning of tea picking, large and small must go through at least a dozen processes.

The style of tea is rich and complex, and it is not only reflected in the production process, many of them require years of precipitation.

Just as tea is not made in a single day, it takes one, two, or three bubbles to make tea ... the taste of tea comes out, and the aftertaste is lasting.

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