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If your heart floats, just drink tea

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Drinking tea is just a way of life. It does n’t matter if you understand tea, it ’s important to drink tea every day!

I often meet some friends. When I mention tea, I always say carefully: I do n’t understand. Even if I drink tea, I drink it casually. Regardless of whether this cautious attitude is modest, in fact understanding tea is not so important to most people. If it feels good to drink a certain tea, it is enough to continue drinking.

Tea is not homework, it is not a bondage, it is not only those who "understand" are qualified to love tea. Drinking tea is enjoyment. Drinking tea in a state of enjoyment and relaxation. You don't have to think about it for the time being, but you will learn more and more. If you think you do n’t understand from the beginning, and you have a sense of separation from tea, would n’t you be more and more ignorant?

You may think that those who deal with tea every day, or those who are very professional at the beginning of their conversation, must know tea. But when really asked, most of them would say themselves-"limited knowledge" This is not modest. Tea culture is vast and profound. Each kind of tea has its own characteristics, just like all beings. Who dares to say: Can you understand everyone? Do you understand tea? Do you understand tea? Is it so important?

Tea has its own portion of it. In fact, it does n’t matter if you do n’t understand tea; what ’s important is to drink tea every day. Good tea in hand, one has a quiet, two have fun, three finished. It is a joy in life to steal leisure time in this world.

It is said that tea is pure, so when you drink tea, put your identity aside, vanity aside, and greed aside. Tea can't carry that much. With a normal heart, drink a cup of Chinese tea for a pleasant time. Drinking tea is really just a way of life.

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