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What is the magic charm of tea cream as a royal tribute?

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For the convenience and speed of many tea lovers, they usually choose refined tea products instead of traditional tea , such as teabags, tea powder, and tea cream, which saves the complicated process of making tea and can quickly drink hot tea. Compared to teabags and tea powders, which are modernly produced tea products, the tea cream that appeared in the Southern Tang Dynasty has a long history.

Tea paste is a special type of arbor tea leaves from Yunnan that is processed and fermented, and the fibrous material of the tea is separated from the tea juice in a special way. The obtained tea juice is reprocessed to reduce it to a higher level of solid instant solubility. tea. As early as the Tang Dynasty, Pu'er tea cream was used as a tribute among the royal nobility. Don't look at the small piece of tea cream, it can contain many benefits ...

The earliest record of tea ointment is the book Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica by Zhao Xuemin of the Qing Dynasty. He wrote: "Pu'er tea ointment is as black as lacquer, sobering first, and greener is more. Eliminating phlegm, clearing the stomach, and gaining vitality. It is also believed that "Puer tea cream can cure all diseases, such as bloating and cold, use ginger soup to diverge, and sweat can be healed. If the mouth breaks the throat, heat and pain, use five minutes of tea cream to swallow the mouth and heal overnight."

First, hangover and liver protection

The L-alanine contained in Pu'er tea cream will produce a large amount of pantothenic acid in the human body to promote the normal progress of alcohol metabolism. In addition, L-cysteine can react with alcohol, accelerate the metabolism of alcohol, and absorb a certain amount of alcohol to increase the body's tolerance for alcohol. It can be converted into cystine and supplemented with taurine to repair the damaged liver Cells, brain cells, and gastric mucosa and tissue.

Second, digestion and tiredness

In the subsequent fermentation process of Pu'er tea extract, its inherent cellulase and pectinase decompose a large number of derivatives under the interaction of other enzyme systems. These derivatives include not only saccharifying enzymes, but also other enzymes that react with the biological enzyme system of the human gastrointestinal tract, which increases the secretion of pepsin, promotes the improvement of pepsin activity, and strengthens the stomach's ability to digest protein and food. The human digestive function.

Third, the effect of nourishing the stomach

Changyin tea cream can clean the intestines and stomach, eliminate toxins, help digestion, effectively protect the gastric mucosa, expel cold, penetrate the meridians, and maintain the digestive system in a healthy state. Tea cream can be consumed not only on an empty stomach, but also with other nutrients such as milk and juice.

Fourth, drop three high

The content of tea polyphenols in tea cream is much higher than that of ordinary tea leaves. The effect of tea polyphenols is that it can reduce triglycerides, cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, promote the excretion of total fat and cholesterol, and thereby reduce cholesterol in the body; at the same time, it It can also reduce peripheral vascular resistance, dilate blood vessels, relax vascular smooth muscle, enhance the vascular wall and regulate the permeability of the vascular wall, thereby achieving the effect of lowering blood pressure and preventing atherosclerosis, and it can also prevent and treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

The quality of tea cream on the market is good or bad, so how to identify the quality of tea cream?

1. Observe the appearance of the paste. If the paste is black, it means that the production time is short. If there is white frost on the surface of the paste, it means that it has been in production for some time, and the heavier the white frost, the longer the aging time. If the paste is gray, it means that the tea cream has deteriorated and can no longer be consumed.

2. Watch the soup color. If the tea cream's soup color is ruby red and very transparent, it means that the tea cream contains less impurities and good quality; if the soup color is dark and the soup color has poor permeability, it proves that there are many impurities, poor quality or backward production technology.

3. Taste. High-quality tea cream must have a mellow mouthfeel, a good smoothness, and a special deep aroma. Only this kind of tea cream has the characteristics of instant melting, rapid growth, and long-lasting sweetness.

Compared with ordinary Pu'er tea, Pu'er tea cream is convenient to brew, eliminating a series of tedious steps such as washing, waking, and brewing tea. Pu'er tea cream is made by concentrating and refining Pu'er tea, which is the essence of Pu'er tea. Its nutritional content is also higher than that of ordinary Pu'er tea. Therefore, if you are too lazy to make tea and like to drink tea, you can choose Pu'er tea cream!

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