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Shunshenghao Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Tea processing sales agency import and export trade

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Xishuangbanna Shunsheng Tea Co., Ltd. is located in the magical and beautiful tropical rain forest of Xishuangbanna. Our group of people who love tea, know tea, and learn tea are invariably staying together. We meditately research and develop, carefully produce and sell authentic Pu'er tea that is unforgettable. We use the simplest heart to create Shunsheng high-end Pu'er tea.
The five thousand years of Chinese tea and cultural treasures, especially the formation of the ancient tea-horse road, have made Pu'er tea famous all over the world. With the continuous development of modern technology, the traditional Pu'er tea stone grinding tea process has gradually lost its heritage. At the same time, the original mellow taste of Pu'er tea has been lost, and the original flavor of Pu'er tea has been lost.
Shun Shenghao keeps the original flavor of Pu'er tea. In the process of making tea, all the methods of picking, withering, killing greens, rolling, drying, making cakes and packaging are purely handmade by ancient methods. The inheritance has continued the mellowness of Pu'er Tea Soup. Let those who understand tea and love tea can truly taste the distinctive delicious flavor of Pu'er tea.
Character is tea, and tea is character. With the understanding and understanding of Pu'er tea, Shunsheng people walked into thousands of villages and villages regardless of difficulties and obstacles, and walked through the old forests of mountains, just to trace Pu'er tea's thousands of years of growth and the tea making process passed down from generation to generation.
We always make every bit of Pu'er tea with the spirit of craftsman at all times, just to show you our confidence and quality in developing high-end tea. We hope to be at the source of Pu'er tea, and get to know more of you who are interested and interested, let us join hands to contribute to the inheritance and development of Chinese Pu'er tea culture, and contribute our sincere love ... [ Detailed introduction ]
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