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Traditional handmade tea hand-made Poyang Po brick tea custom

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location: Xianyang City, Shaanxi
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Liyang Lizhu Tea has a history of nearly 1,000 years. It flourished in the Song Dynasty and flourished during the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Republic of China. For centuries, together with grain, milk, and meat, it has become a necessity for the lives of ethnic minorities in the Northwest.
Among the more than 1,000 kinds of tea products in the country, only a kind of beneficial Aspergillus spp., Known as "Jinhua fungus", grows and reproduces in the Liyangyang brick tea, and biologists now call it "Cryptococcus crowniformis". It is the unique feature of Poyang Po Brick Tea, thus forming the unique style of Poyang Po Brick Tea.  
The tea body of "Liyang 茯 Brick Tea" has tight knots, its color is dark brown and oily, golden flowers are lush, the fungus is overflowing, the tea soup is orange-red and translucent, and the taste is long and mellow. Suitable for people in alpine regions and high-fat diet areas. Especially for nomadic peoples living in desert areas such as deserts, Gobi, plateau, staple food beef, mutton, cheese, in the absence of vegetables and fruits, therefore, in Northwest China there is a "one day without tea, three days" It is painful without tea "," It is better to be without food for one day than to be without tea for one day ".

洪武元年 (1368)前后,距今643年。 According to historical data, the appearance of Qiangcha (loose tea) in Qiang was about the Xining year of the Northern Song Dynasty (1068-1077); the formation of the Qiangzhu tea was around the first year of the Ming Hongwu period (1368), 643 years ago. DSC_0165
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