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After frying gold, silver and crude oil, now I'm going to fry Pu'er tea and add new ones

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location: Hubei
Valid until: long term effective
latest update: 2016-12-30 14:54
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Tea ceremony is the way to appreciate the beauty of tea. Tea ceremony is also regarded as a life art of making tea and drinking tea, a life etiquette based on tea, and a lifestyle of self-cultivation with tea. It is a very beneficial ritual of rapture by making tea, appreciating tea, smelling tea, drinking tea, promoting friendship, pursuing virtues, learning etiquette and law, and experiencing traditional virtues. Drinking tea can calm your mind and calm your mind, and help to cultivate sentiment and eliminate distractions. The spirit of tea ceremony is the core of tea culture. The tea ceremony is known as the incarnation of Taoism. The tea ceremony originated in China and later spread to the West.
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In order to promote financial innovation, the exchange has now launched a new product and launched a sales model, which is equivalent to T + 0 stocks, and has physical delivery, which is relatively less risky than direct operation. A professional analysis and technical team will advise on the sale. The new model listing is a profitable product. "Original stock" has always been synonymous with profit and wealth. Friends who know stocks should know the value of the original stocks. Investing in advance to buy will guarantee you a minimum of 100% profit. Pu'er tea is different from the virtual trading of the stock market. The Pu'er tea electronic disk adopts physical listing and physical extraction methods to centrally classify Pu'er tea originally distributed in the spot market, custody listing, and issue pricing. Compared with the domestic stock market with only two exchanges, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Pu'er Tea's electronic market is moving towards a healthy development process. It is understood that after this year's increase in OTC rectification, there are currently dozens of trading markets across the country that will be similar to Pu'er Tea The mode of product sale is undergoing transformation. The introduction of Pu'er tea electronic plate solves a lot of Pu'er tea enthusiasts' many shortcomings in physical market transactions such as storage, transportation, funds, integrity, and realization of Pu'er tea. It completely subverts the traditional trading model of the past and combines it with financial innovation. In a real sense, the Pu'er tea collectibles market has shifted from a small number of industry professionals and amateurs to a public investment and wealth management project that everyone can participate in. Although the Pu'er Tea electronic disk basically copies the stock market trading system, there are still many differences in the details of the setting, such as low transaction thresholds, high probability of new bids, and physical withdrawal. Opportunity is no longer here, friends who are ready to snap up are ready to debug the board!
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Message: Today is no longer the age of big fish eating small fish, but the era of swarm fish eating big fish. One person cannot do one team, one team cannot do one system, one system cannot do one trend. Team + system + trend = success, one person can go fast, a group of people can go further. If you can integrate others, you show that you are capable; if you are integrated by others, you show that you are valuable. In this era, you can't integrate with others, and nobody integrates with you, which means that you are far from success, bet on the right card to win a game, and win on your opponent's life.
Outside: Inside information, recommended daily limit board! Recommend real-time stocks in real time, professionally play new stocks, advance and retreat with the banker. For many years in the industry, 90% of the tracked tickets have pulled the limit. I want to keep up with me. WeChat: make new recommendations (once a week) and cattle stock recommendations. You can add Jinman Yulin WeChat: jm5832 for real-time consultation.
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