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Song Dynasty Official Tea

  • Brand Name : Big Song Official Tea
  • Company Name : Kaifeng Dasong Guan Tea Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Official homepage :
  • Area : Kaifeng, Henan
  • Browsing times : 34526
  • Updated : 2015-03-18
brand introduction

The official tea of the Song Dynasty aims at inheriting the tea-making skills of the Song Dynasty and promoting the tea drinking culture of the Song Dynasty. It aims at enjoying life and promoting health, and pursuing the tranquility of tea as the highest state.

The official tea of the Song Dynasty inherits the tea-making techniques of the Song Dynasty. It collects high-quality tea from all over the country, and makes it into Maocha by natural aging; Maocha is made into various kinds of compacted or loose tea by making it yellow.

The official tea of the Great Song Dynasty has various raw materials, all of which are stored before the rain, unique in technology, less loss of nutritional ingredients, different origins, different varieties, and different years of combination, varied, and different in quality. Jinzhu, in this way, has the unique quality of "fresh as green tea, fragrant like Pu'er, the color of black tea, and the efficacy of black tea".

Big Song official tea is made of a series of teas with different tastes and flavors due to different raw materials. It can be stored for a long time in a clean environment. It has the characteristics of getting older and more fragrant. "Xiangruo camphor" can be used to cover a bowl for brewing, heat preservation, cooking, and finely grinding and drinking.

Dasong Guancha can effectively supplement various vitamins and trace elements, improve the body's comprehensive immunity, effectively eliminate sub-health, and drink can relax the body and mind, and enjoy the spirit; it has lipid-lowering and greasy, slimming, weight loss, stagnation, dispelling cold, warming the stomach, Regulating menstruation and nourishing kidney, nourishing yin and removing dryness, reducing blood sugar and thirst, reducing blood pressure and anti-glare, anti-aging beauty, detoxifying and nourishing effect;

The official tea of the Song Dynasty is shaped like a group moon. Its appearance is black and purple, mature and stable, and the gas field is thick. The mesmerizing makes people calm and calm, and enters the ethereal and quiet world.

The Song Dynasty tea color is as bright as hot-milled amber, and looks like an intoxicating beauty. If the color of Xu Niang is covetous, the coveted look is too late.

The Song Dynasty official tea has a misty mist and a scented aroma. It smells like a blue orchid and sucks deeply like a camphor tree.

The official tea of the Song Dynasty has a soft mouth, freshness at the beginning, a mellow taste, a tongue-like feel, fine products such as honey, a breeze on the jaw, a smooth cheek, and a long aftertaste.

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