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  • Brand Name : Jingzhen
  • Company Name : Jingzhen Tea Industry
  • Official homepage :
  • Area : Yunnan
  • Browsing times : 31075
  • Updated : 2015-03-18
brand introduction

  是集普洱茶生产、销售,兼营黑茶的新生茶叶企业,公司下设静真普洱静真黑茶静真茶科院静真茶文化静真营销中心五个分支机构。 Jingzhen Tea Industry is a new tea company integrating Pu'er tea production and sales, and also engaged in black tea. The company has five Jingzhen Pu'er , Jingzhen Black Tea , Jingzhen Tea Academy , Jingzhen Tea Culture , and Jingzhen Marketing Center. Branches. The company is backed by a group and has abundant capital. In the production of Pu'er tea, it starts with the contracting of ancient tea trees, tea planting, and integrates design, processing and scientific research to ensure product quality.

The company regards credibility as life, takes honesty as the foundation, adheres to quality first; adheres to "quiet life, true nature", firmly believes in "quiet water flowing deep, real tea is silent", and advocating "hidden storage of authenticity, loneliness and Chen" Promote the essence of Pu'er tea's tranquility, truth, silence, harmony, and Chen, to explore the source, study reasoning, reasoning, performance, make tea, offer incense, as their duties and tasks. Practice tea for oneness and good life.

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  • Jingzhen Tea Industry
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  • 云南 Area of Yunnan
  • 河南省郑州市北茶城 Address North Tea City, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province
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