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"China Tea Network (" is a Chinese tea industry website affiliated to Shanghai Daohe Information Technology Co., Ltd., which is planned, developed and operated by Shanghai Daohe Information Technology Co., Ltd. The purpose of building this website is to provide a platform for exchanges and cooperation for the vast number of tea raw materials, production, application, scientific research and other units and enterprises, strengthen the mutual communication between relevant units, and jointly promote the development of China's tea industry. China Tea Net has a very professional and efficient team. 80% of its members are from tea companies. It has extremely rich industry experience and market acumen.

"China Tea Net (" is a well-known vertical information portal for the tea industry in China. Since its operation, it has always adhered to the business philosophy of "creating value for customers" and regards tea industry technology and information services as Business focus, industry consulting in information services, policies and regulations, market conditions, technological progress, and statistical information can help Chinese tea companies to fully and timely grasp the dynamics of domestic and foreign enterprises, make correct decisions, and seize business opportunities. Professional information can create value and create value for customers, which is our constant pursuit.

The copyright of articles, materials and related pictures reproduced by China Tea Network is owned by the original author or the original publication medium. Without the consent of the copyright owner, no institution or individual may use it for commercial purposes. This website protects the relevant rights of copyright holders in accordance with the law. If the original copyright author or the original media does not agree with the free use of the above articles, materials, and related pictures on this website, please inform us in time. This website will be notified as soon as possible after receiving the notification Delete it inside.

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