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Copyright privacy

Any text, pictures, graphics, audio, and / or video materials included in the online services provided by China Tea Network are protected by copyright, trademark, and / or other property ownership laws. Without the consent of the relevant rights holders, the above materials may not be used in Any media is directly or indirectly published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed for broadcast or distribution purposes, or used for any other commercial purpose. All of this material or any part of it may be stored on a computer for private and non-commercial use only. China does not indemnify the user or the user in any form for any delays, inaccuracies, errors and omissions arising out of or in the transmission or delivery of all or part of the above-mentioned materials, or any damages arising therefrom. Any third party is responsible.

All rights of any software (including but not limited to any images, photos, animations, videos, sound recordings, music, text and additional programs, accompanying help materials) used by China Tea Network to provide network services All belong to the author of the software. Without the permission of the author of the software, the user may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the software.

privacy protection

Protecting user privacy is a basic policy of China Tea Net. China Tea Net guarantees that it will not disclose or provide third-party registration information and non-public content stored on China Tea Net by users when using online services, but the following conditions Except: (1) Obtain explicit authorization from users in advance; (2) According to relevant laws and regulations; (3) According to the requirements of relevant government authorities; (4) To protect the interests of the public; (5) To maintain Chinese tea Legal rights and interests of the Internet.

China may cooperate with third parties to provide users with related network services. In this case, if the third party agrees to assume the same responsibility as China to protect user privacy, China has the right to register the user Materials etc. are provided to the third party.

Without disclosing the privacy information of individual users, China Tea Network has the right to analyze the entire user database and make commercial use of the user database.

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