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Revised instructions

The new version of China Tea Network was officially launched on May 12. This revision has a qualitative leap from the whole to the details. The new edition highlights the simple and easy-to-use design principles to achieve the user-centered improvement of the user experience and the promotion of channel development.

The new version strengthens the function enhancement, and places higher requirements on the integrity and standardization of member registration information. Among them, the new membership account requirements are changed as follows:

Member name: 4-20 characters, can only use lowercase letters (az), numbers (0-9), underscores (_), underscores (-), and start and end with letters or numbers;
或联系客服 (The original non-standard accounts such as Chinese character usernames have expired, please re-register or contact customer service )

Login password: 6-20 characters, case sensitive, it is recommended to use a combination of numbers, letters and special symbols.

In order to facilitate your normal use, old members are requested to verify and improve their personal information as soon as possible!

If you have any comments and suggestions on our revision, please leave a message or communicate instantly .

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